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  1. WWJSD? (What would Joseph Smith do?)
  2. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    Was Jimmy Neutron wearing a short sleeved white shirt with a dark tie and riding a bicycle when you met him?
  3. Lassie might rescue Jimmy from falling in an abandoned well, but he aint whipping no pit bulls...
  4. Las Vegas Hilton NFL Picks Contest

    I havent gotten that far. Thought maybe we could work out the details after we get a list of who is interested.
  5. Las Vegas Hilton NFL Picks Contest

    Steelhead: Have you ever entered any of these contests before? Are you interested in getting a team together?
  6. The Las Vegas Hilton has a contest each year for picking NFL games. I think you have to pick 6 games each week using their lines. The entry fee is pretty steep, as last year I think it was around $1500. But the winner gets a HUGH cash prize in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I wanted to see if there was any interest in getting a team of about 5 Huddlers together to enter this thing. I know Sarge and Crispirons are big NFL bettors and hopefully will join. Anybody else have any interest in getting in this contest?
  7. We are all Africans.

    Is it p.c. for all of us to walk around saying "nigga" now?
  8. People in Jail

    Does anybody know what the sentencing guidelines are for the crimes for which Vick was indicted?
  9. Adrian Peterson

    If this guy didnt have a couple injuries in college, he would have been the #1 pick in this draft. He is an incredible talent and if he stays healthy, he will be the next superstar in this league. The Vikes got at an absolute steal at 1.7. But they need to keep him healthy.
  10. The on-field mascot for my beloved Tennessee Volunteers is a Bluetick Coonhood named Smokey IX. Blueticks have an incredible sense of smell. They can track the faintest scent over miles of rugged terrain in the worst conditions. Escaped convicts and wild game essentially stand no chance when these fellas get on their scent. But they are lovers, not fighters. They are a handsome breed. A better hunting dogs you will not find. Sure and strong and proud with a distinctive bark. But they arent getting into the pit with a Pit Bull. Maybe thats why Vick chose to go to school somewhere else. Smokey IX (Click on the enlarge arrow to get a better view of Old Smokey)
  11. We are all Africans.

    Sweet! Since I am African American, can I now get me some of dat Affirmative Action?
  12. Civil War enthusiasts

    Vicksburg, Misssissippi is incredible.
  13. WCOFF role call....

    I will be there again as a member of the Huddle's Hero's team!
  14. Disaster waiting to happen

    I used to hitch hike all the time when I was a kid.
  15. Biggest surprise and loser of the season!

    Biggest step backward from last season? Thats easy, my very own Tennessee Titans. The Titans went 8-8 last year after an 0-5 start mostly on the back of Vince Young. Vince will find the sledding alot rougher this year. He lost Travis "Cheese" Henry to free agency. Henry was an invaluable part of the offense last year and made alot of plays. The Titans #1 WR, Drew Brees also left via FA. He isnt that good, but he was the best Tennessee had. And the loss of Adam "Pacman" Jones is devastating. Say what you want about Pacman off the field. But on it, he is a difference maker, both as a kick returner and as a CB. He was by far the Titans best player on defense and special teams last year. They simply dont have anyone to take up the slack. This is a team looking squarely in the face of a 5-11 type year. Also rans: Kansas City is horrible; Atlanta Falcons has gone to the dogs;