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  1. The consensus is that Jay Cutler will be a 1st round draft pick this year. Jay never played on a winning team at Vanderbilt and has a career losing record in college. In the entire history of the NFL draft, only 1 QB has been taken in the 1st round who had a losing career record in college. Who was that player and who drafted him?
  2. Septic Tank Questions

    We moved into a new house last summer that has a septic tank rather being on city sewer system. I have never lived in a house that was on septic. What do we need to do to maintain this system? i have heard that you are supposed to pour some sort of bacteria laced chemicals down all of your drains once per year but I am not sure. Anybody with Septic tank experience?
  3. Why the Iphone Will Fail

    Why the iPhone Will Fail Convergence Devices Have a Frequent History of Failure By Al Ries <> Published: June 18, 2007 In the gold rush of 1849, prospectors checked their finds with Aqua Regia, a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids. If a sample passed the acid test, it was the real thing. When Apple introduces its iPhone this month, will it pass the acid test? In my opinion, no. Prediction No. 1: The iPhone will be a major disappointment. The hype has been enormous. Apple says its iPhone is "literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone." A stock-market analyst says, "The iPhone has the potential to be even bigger than the iPod." I think not. An iPod is a divergence device; an iPhone is a convergence device. There's a big difference between the two. In the high-tech world, divergence devices have been spectacular successes. But convergence devices, for the most part, have been spectacular failures. The first MP3 players (the Diamond Rio, for example) were flash-memory units capable of holding only 20 or 30 songs. The first iPod, on the other hand, had a hard drive and could hold thousands of songs. Now there were two types of MP3 players, a classic example of divergence at work. Every high-tech device has followed a similar pattern. The first computer was a mainframe computer, followed by the minicomputer, the desktop computer, the laptop computer, the handheld computer, the server and other specialty computers. The computer didn't converge with another device. It diverged. When the cellphone was first introduced, it was called a "car phone" because it was too big and heavy to lug around. You might have thought it would eventually converge with the automobile. It did not. Instead it diverged and today we have many types of cellphones. Every Best Buy and Circuit City is filled with a host of other divergence devices that have been enormously successful: the digital camera, the plasma TV, the wireless e-mail device, the personal video recorder, the GPS navigation device. What convergence device has been a big success? Not many, although there have been a lot of convergence failures. * The computer/phone. AT&T, Motorola and others introduced combination products. Few were ever purchased. * The computer/TV. Apple, Gateway, Toshiba, Philips and others tried to market combination products with little success. * Interactive TV. Microsoft spent $425 million to buy WebTV and then poured more than half a billion dollars into the venture. That didn't work, so it moved on to Ultimate TV, which didn't work either. * Cellevision. Everybody is talking about the third screen, watching TV on your cellphone, but relatively few people do. (The real action in TV is the booming market for divergence products such as big-screen plasma and LCD sets.) * Media-center PCs. Everybody was going to run everything in their homes from personal computers. It never happened. Prediction No. 2: The media will blame the execution, not the concept. Suppose the iPhone is a major disappointment. Will another convergence failure convince the high-tech industry of its folly? Highly unlikely. Once a concept like convergence grips the imagination, it seldom dies. A convergence failure is never seen as a "conceptual" failure; it's always seen as an "execution" failure. "The concept was sound; they just didn't do it right." Hope springs eternal. ~ ~ ~ Al Ries is the author or co-author of 11 books on marketing, including his latest, "The Origin of Brands." He and his daughter Laura run the Atlanta marketing-strategy firm Ries & Ries
  4. Jamarcus Russell has a very very strong arm. He is big and athletic. But it takes more than a big arm and fast legs to be a star NFL QB. And I am of the opinion that Russell will never be a star in this league. Out of all of the top 10 picks, I think he has the greatest potential to bust. I am not saying he is Akili Smith or Andre Ware, but I think he will be A LOT closer to those guys than he will be to Peyton Manning. I saw him play a couple times and he played ok, but didnt impress me to the point of thinking that he was the number 1 pick in the draft. I say he will be picked way to high for how his career ends up. Maybe not a total bust, but not the franchise player either. Discuss.
  5. As some of you are aware, a friend of mine's daughter has been dating Eli Manning for the past few years. They met at Ole Miss and she now works in Fashion merchandising in New York. Her name is Abby McGrew is the oldest of 3 girls that my friend has. They announced their engagement last weekend and came down to Nashville for the weekend. Anyway, they are in the process of planning the wedding now. My friend is in her late 40's and is VERY VERY attractive. Peytons fiance is ok, but her sisters are f'n smoking!! Anyway, wedding details to follow...
  6. I have been taking a little break from the huddle the past few months. Posting everyday but not alot of stuff. But I have been going to other, non-football communities. I was being rather tame by Huddle standards. I was banned today for something that wouldnt even have garnered a second glance. I am lol at how sensitive admins are now.
  7. Western Movies

    I love old westerns. I have seen every John Wayne movie ever made at least half a dozen times. I have seen every Clint Eastwood movie ever made at least half a dozen times. Today, I introduced my 4 year old daughter to a couple westerns. We were flipping between The Outlaw Josie Wales, which I have seen on the order of 50 times, and a western starring John Wayne and Rock Hudson called The Undefeated that I have seen about 8 times. She still prefers Cartoons, but I will convert her to the western genre. Am I the only Huddler who likes Western films?
  8. WWJSD? (What would Joseph Smith do?)
  9. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    Was Jimmy Neutron wearing a short sleeved white shirt with a dark tie and riding a bicycle when you met him?
  10. The on-field mascot for my beloved Tennessee Volunteers is a Bluetick Coonhood named Smokey IX. Blueticks have an incredible sense of smell. They can track the faintest scent over miles of rugged terrain in the worst conditions. Escaped convicts and wild game essentially stand no chance when these fellas get on their scent. But they are lovers, not fighters. They are a handsome breed. A better hunting dogs you will not find. Sure and strong and proud with a distinctive bark. But they arent getting into the pit with a Pit Bull. Maybe thats why Vick chose to go to school somewhere else. Smokey IX (Click on the enlarge arrow to get a better view of Old Smokey)
  11. The Las Vegas Hilton has a contest each year for picking NFL games. I think you have to pick 6 games each week using their lines. The entry fee is pretty steep, as last year I think it was around $1500. But the winner gets a HUGH cash prize in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I wanted to see if there was any interest in getting a team of about 5 Huddlers together to enter this thing. I know Sarge and Crispirons are big NFL bettors and hopefully will join. Anybody else have any interest in getting in this contest?
  12. Lassie might rescue Jimmy from falling in an abandoned well, but he aint whipping no pit bulls...
  13. Las Vegas Hilton NFL Picks Contest

    I havent gotten that far. Thought maybe we could work out the details after we get a list of who is interested.
  14. Las Vegas Hilton NFL Picks Contest

    Steelhead: Have you ever entered any of these contests before? Are you interested in getting a team together?
  15. We are all Africans.

    Is it p.c. for all of us to walk around saying "nigga" now?
  16. People in Jail

    Does anybody know what the sentencing guidelines are for the crimes for which Vick was indicted?
  17. Adrian Peterson

    If this guy didnt have a couple injuries in college, he would have been the #1 pick in this draft. He is an incredible talent and if he stays healthy, he will be the next superstar in this league. The Vikes got at an absolute steal at 1.7. But they need to keep him healthy.
  18. We are all Africans.

    Sweet! Since I am African American, can I now get me some of dat Affirmative Action?
  19. Civil War enthusiasts

    Vicksburg, Misssissippi is incredible.
  20. Vick vs Brees

    Who remembers the great Michael Vick vs Drew Brees debate at the Huddle the year these guys were coming out of college? Most people were on the Vick bandwagon. A few of us were solidly in the Brees camp. I hope Big John can pull up those threads. Well, who do yall like now? I just recall the first time that I ever heard Vick speak to a reporter. OMG! He was virtually unintelligble. And this guy was passing college classes? I dont think so. I knew he was an idiot at that time and I questioned his ability to grasp the offensive and defensive schemes at the NFL level. Well, Brees won out and I feel vindicated. Where are all you Vick backers now? Both you and Vick screwed the pooch!
  21. WCOFF role call....

    I will be there again as a member of the Huddle's Hero's team!
  22. Disaster waiting to happen

    I used to hitch hike all the time when I was a kid.
  23. Biggest surprise and loser of the season!

    Biggest step backward from last season? Thats easy, my very own Tennessee Titans. The Titans went 8-8 last year after an 0-5 start mostly on the back of Vince Young. Vince will find the sledding alot rougher this year. He lost Travis "Cheese" Henry to free agency. Henry was an invaluable part of the offense last year and made alot of plays. The Titans #1 WR, Drew Brees also left via FA. He isnt that good, but he was the best Tennessee had. And the loss of Adam "Pacman" Jones is devastating. Say what you want about Pacman off the field. But on it, he is a difference maker, both as a kick returner and as a CB. He was by far the Titans best player on defense and special teams last year. They simply dont have anyone to take up the slack. This is a team looking squarely in the face of a 5-11 type year. Also rans: Kansas City is horrible; Atlanta Falcons has gone to the dogs;
  24. Big Country and Darin Arrested! George Knapp, Chief Investigative Reporter I-Team Exclusive: Poker Cheating Scheme July 18, 2007 08:21 AM CST I-Team Exclusive: Poker Cheating Scheme It sounds like the plot of one of those flashy casino heist movies -- a team of thieves, armed with high tech equipment concocts a scheme to steal vast sums of money from big shot gamblers. It really did happen, although law enforcement officials are still unwilling to talk about it. Gaming agents in New Jersey arrested four suspects, including a Las Vegas man known internationally as an expert in how to thwart casino thieves. In late June, the elegant Borgata in Atlantic City launched the largest poker event in the town's history, a $5,000 per-person buy in tournament with 337 players vied for $1.7 million. But someone else was after the money as well; a team of high tech cheats with a scheme worthy of Oceans 11. Well-placed sources told the I-Team that New Jersey gaming agents staged a quiet raid on the Borgata and arrested four people. By one account, they stormed a hotel room and found it packed with electronic equipment. According to one source, gaming control initially believed the suspects had tapped into a live video feed generated by the hole card cameras that allow TV audiences to see a player's down cards in games of Texas Hold 'em, information that presumably could be relayed to a confederate playing in the tournament. However, a spokesman for Boyd Gaming, which is a partner in Borgata with MGM, told the I-Team "the scheme did target high-end poker players, but off the floor," adding that "the security systems of the Borgata were never compromised, nor was the tournament. Customers were targeted but not the games." The biggest surprise for gaming agents might have been who was involved. Among those arrested as part of the scheme was Las Vegas gaming consultant Steve Forte, regarded as a world class expert in countering cheaters. Forte's web site says he's been a consultant to MGM, Caesars, Station Casinos, as well as to the U.S. Attorney, FBI, Metro Police and the Clark County district attorney. His books and videos on how to counter gambling cheats are best sellers. New Jersey authorities would not acknowledge that arrests were been made. However, Nevada Gaming Control told the I-Team they had been informed by New Jersey about the arrests, that four persons had been taken into custody including Steve Forte, and that a sensitive investigation was ongoing. Back in Las Vegas, Forte has told friends that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, intimating that he was in the room with the alleged cheaters because he wanted to observe their methods and was not part of the scheme. Forte declined the I-Team's interview request but confirmed in an e-mail that he had been arrested. He says he maintains his innocence and will fight the charges at all costs. The obvious question is could it happen at the much more lucrative World Series of Poker? Tournament commissioner Jeffrey Pollack says he's heard nothing about the New Jersey scandal but that he is confident that cheaters wouldn't stand a chance there. WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack said, "I can't reveal our specific security measures, otherwise they wouldn't be very secure. But needless to say, Harrah's has the ultimate commitment to both responsible gaming and security, and we have a state of the art surveillance system in place at all times here." Casino sources say they believe the FBI is now involved in the investigation, possibly to find out if the same high tech scheme has been used before. The I-Team contacted several of the poker players involved in the tournament. None of them saw anything unusual, nor did they see any arrests. That fits with other information the I-Team has about how the scheme was intended to steal from the poker players when they were away from the tables. No one is saying how the plot was supposed to work. Even the arrest information is being kept confidential. The Channel 8 I-Team will have more information as it becomes available.