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  1. Leinart or Delhomme

    I think I would also go with Leinart. I would take NR's D this week. Both your D's have good matchup's.
  2. WDIS at RB?

    Any help....................................................................
  3. WDIS at RB?

    My two starters are R. Johnson (against BAL) and W. McGahee (against SDC) both of whom have difficult matchups this weekend. I have Johnson going against my Defense. Normally, I would go with those two, but I need a win tonight as its the last game of the regular season. My third option is A. Green against the NYJ). With Green, you never know if they will share carries or if the Jets defense will play like last week and destroy the run. So which two do I start out of R. Johnson, W. McGahee and A. Green. I never also WDIS questions and am banging my head against the wall.
  4. Which Team D/sp.Teams?

    I agree with Miami
  5. McNabb's gone - so what next

    PS: I no longer have McNair and he is not available in the WW.
  6. I am done sulking about McNabb's injury and ready to hit the waiver wire. I know teams will be feasting this week on QB's. Among the bunch are: A. Brooks, C. Frye, B. Gradkowski, Jeef Garcia/AJ Feeley, J. Campbell, D. Garrard and V. Young. I picked up Romo a few weeks ago, but need a back-up. Thanks for any suggestions......................
  7. I have R. Johnson, W. McGahee, A. Green, V. Morency and Norwood. I just lost McGahee and due to our WW rules, I could not get A-Train. I want to pick up someone just in case. Among those left are C. Houston, M. Smith, M. Anderson, M. Moore, C. Cobbs and J. Harrison. There might be some I did not think of. Are there any diamonds in the rough out there. I appreciate any advice.
  8. Michael Clayton

    Yes, I should have specified Bryant Johnson. Thanks!
  9. Michael Clayton

    Should I drop M. Clayton for someone like B. Johnson or some other find on the waiver wire or does anyone think he will come around?
  10. Need a QB for bye week

    I think Kitna has a good match-up and better receivers.
  11. Green or Morency

    Well, it's bye week time and I am worried about A. Green. They say he will play, but I picked up Morency on the waiver wire just in case. I also have Musa Smith. I know, I don't like bye weeks either. Any advice by a homer or anyone else. Thanks
  12. Ahman Green

    I was counting on Green asa bye week replacement this week. I picked up Morancy in the free agent pool, but which one do I play? My other option is Musa Smith who hasn't had a chance yet this year.
  13. Lineups Due and Lock Tonight

    Go with Jones. He will definately start and should have a good game. I would also start Witten. He should get open with TO getting double coverage.
  14. Brooks - Culpepper

    Go with C-Pep. He will get you a few TD and some running yards.
  15. Caddy or Gore?

    You must have taken Caddy with the first pick, so you should use him. If he stays healthy I think he will have a big year.