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  1. Pick 3 RB

    Wilson Sanders Gaskin
  2. Week 16 SUPERBOWL Lineup

    @Montana is da Man thanks, thats pretty much my take also. Hard to split hairs though
  3. Pick 2 QB - Keep in mine QBs get double pts for rush yds Watson @ CIN Allen @ NE Ryan @ KC Pick 3 RB - Full PPR Jacobs @ MIA Ekeler vs DEN Drake vs SF Pollard vs PHI Sanders @ DAL Bell vs ATL Pick a TE - Full PPR Andrews vs NYG Thomas vs SEA
  4. Am I crazy or.........?

    You are a mad man. Don't do that. Cook can't be stopped just by stacking the box. Ask pretty much every team they've played this year. Also, Gaskin's workload could be reduced by Ahmed. Play Cook. No matter what.
  5. Herbert or Hurts?

    I agree with the general consensus. If you think it will be a close game go Hurts. If not, take the safe floor in Herbert. Its the Championship game. Play to win, don't play not to lose. Answer mine:
  6. WDIS at D/ST this week?

    Colts 100% Better Defense against a team that struggled to move the ball against the Bengals last week.. Answer mine:
  7. Goedert or Fant

    Fant based on Goedert shares targets with Ertz Answer mine:
  8. Josh Allen or Kyler Murray

    Tough call as they are almost identical, Both get goal line TD's, and rushing yds.... I would probably opt for Allen based on this logic: NE can NOT move the ball for manure on offense, that coupled with the Bills solid DEF should lead to the Bills having solid time of possession and more offensive drives overall,then ARI is going to have with SF, since SF can still move the ball offensively. Answer mine:
  9. Finals line up

    Wilson IMO. Answer mine:
  10. Week 16 SUPERBOWL Lineup

    @5helley Why did you have to come and mention Drake hahaha. Curious why you are feeling him over Ekeler? Drake and Edmonds split carries pretty much 50/50 last week, and Edmonds was more productive. Don't think I can confidently put Drake in this week, unless there is some news about Drake having an increased role.
  11. Week 16 SUPERBOWL Lineup

    Yeah, if Zeke plays it is a non-issue. Ekeler it is...unless I talk myself into Drake somehow between now and then haha
  12. Week 16 SUPERBOWL Lineup

    The only reason I would lean Pollar here over Eckeler is sheer volume as Pollard will likely out pace him in attempts if Zeke is out. Meanwhile, Eckeler could very well be limited to 10-15 touches with Ballage in the mix. Thanks @Bacon N eggs for your input!
  13. Which TE...

    I would roll with Higbee or Hurst. Probably lean Hurst as he is coming off a solid game and ATL will likely be in a "shootout" type of game script if their defense is unable to slow down KC. Answer mine:
  14. Which 1 RB would you start week 16 full ppr

    I like Taylor, he has been commanding the lions share of carries for past few weeks and been very productive with them. The Steelers D is a little diminished by injuries (losing Dupree was huge). I do like Gaskin this week also, however as stated above. Question remains how much volume he will see with Ahmed in the mix. I would go Taylor I think. Answer mine:
  15. Championship Lineup Advice

    I would start Gaskin in flex over Em. Sanders personally. Brees spreads the ball and there are a lot of mouths to feed in NO, plus Brees looked kinda manurety last week. Gaskin will see volume with the Rookie at QB and injuries to the WR core. Plus, he usually catches a few balls. Answer mine:
  16. WR week 16- pick one for the championship game

    I'd go Davis, although I haven't seen what Cooks has been up to this year. Wasn't he nursing an injury? But he should be seeing volume at least with Fuller out Answer mine:
  17. Help Pick 1 WR to start week 16 consolation

    Tough call, NO is too suspect if you ask me to go with Sanders. I would maybe go Hilton or Brown. Hilton will likely see more targets... Answer mine:
  18. Week 16 SUPERBOWL Lineup

    My gut is with Jacobs and Sanders but having trouble deciding.between Ekeler and Pollard for the 3rd RB spot. Ekeler has been solid and would have had a huge game last week if he wasn't on a restricted snap count. If he had 5+ of the 10 carries they gave Ballage he could have had a top tier finish on the week IMO. Pollard on the other hand killed it last week, and from the coaching comments post game it sounds like they may want to stick with him as the feature back for now? Or is Zeke hiding an injury or something? I never really saw WHY they decided to sit Zeke. @gijoerock @FinishTheDrill @Faulty Plumbing @Montana is da Man Thank you all for your input!
  19. Akers has high ankle sprain yet two people suggested starting him lol. Just shows that one must be cautious in the advice they take haha I like Hurts this week, high ceiling. Kamara and Dobbins Adams and Landry Hurst Flex: McLauren or Hilton Answer mine:
  20. From 6-7 All the Way to the Chip!

    Go with the hot hand! Landry! Answer mine:
  21. Russell or Hurts

    Hurts, much better matchup, and he is the hotter hand. Answer mine:
  22. Week 16, starting early! DST Pit or a waiver...

    What Montana said....missing matchups makes your question pointless
  23. Tough call, Brees looked like manure last week frim what I watched. But Metcalfs injury doesnt help Wilsons case Answer mine:
  24. Wk 16 Waivers- RB for JV Championships

    Bell or Ahmed if Gaskin is out Answer mine:
  25. Wilson, Ahmed, Bell in that order Answer mine: