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  1. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    Speaking of avatars, I must give Darin3 credit for the best avatar I've seen in a while (noting that I am a Star Wars fan).
  2. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    I can't say I know as much as the locals in the Windy City--I still think that Briggs playing this year helps him much more than the Bears, particularly if he plays well under a one year deal. He can then take the 2007 highlight tape to his prospective employers and cash out the big $$$. Am I wrong in the assumption that Briggs was well liked by the Bears front office and fans?
  3. Priest Holmes

    Ye olde schmokescreen, perhaps...
  4. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    I don't doubt that the Bears would have waited him out. My feeling is that they may sign him for more than they should for one year. If the Bears can get him for a better price than his market value, I score that one for the Bears. But if they overpay, even though he is an excellent LB, then Briggs wins, as he will play (and play well) then parlay that good season into a better contract somewhere else and the Bears will need to replace him (potentially in free agency) and pay top dollar for Brigg's replacement.
  5. Priest Holmes

    Man...that is interesting. Holmes (if healthy) could vulture TDs from LJ if used sparingly. I bet LJ is just THRILLED about that happening.
  6. Cost of Game Tickets

    Yep--tis true. I have been on the list since 98. And I contribute to the problem by purchasing stray tickets for obscene prices because of my mania. Such is my resolve--I find myself rationalizing ridiculous prices by convincing myself that if I don't go, I could miss the greatest game in club history because I was too cheap. Damn my conscience.
  7. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    I don't blame Briggs for wanting to play. The way careers come and as much as you can. However, if Rosenhaus gets Briggs a good deal, then the winner is Briggs fo sho. Bears lose that one if Briggs makes significant money even on a one year tender. Ah, precedent.
  8. Good News Steeler Fans

    Good signing. Polamalu is arguably one of the best secondary players out there at any position, and his penchant for punishing opponents is much appreciated by the locals. They locked up a good one. Note: Woodley looks like he could be a real find. He was excellent in the RB/LB contest yesterday morning. That kid has a whole boatload of moves to beat max protect (including killing the RB en route to a sack).
  9. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    All I need is this ashtray...that's all I need. And this paddleball....and this thermos. That's all I need. Navin R. Johnson Founder of the Optigrab
  10. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    If you are a contender, you'd have to look at it right now. The window's not open forever for those top tier teams and LJ is a franchise player. Get him, make your run and go with your vets for two years. Let the youthquake come in two years. NYG would be a perfect place for him, IMO, since Jacobs is untested and Droughs is a plugger. Big stage, good team that needs a star...
  11. Vick Indicted

    Amen. Preach on, brother. Vick is getting more attention, yes...but he'll have the best lawyers dogfighting money can buy. He's already enjoying his status--the average person busted for a crime that requires the Feds do dig up your yard is handed a box for his personals and escorted to the exit of the builing THAT DAY.
  12. Vick Indicted

    Sweet. How about Air Roddy? Air Alge?
  13. Vick Indicted

    Rae Carruth?