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  1. Greatest American Rock Band

    I don't know..... part of me thinks that Nirvana wouldn't be getting all the accolades they do now if Cobain hadn't blown his face off.
  2. Mastodon - Blood Mountain Best album I've heard in years.
  3. Borat on DVD

    That scene is from the TV show....it's not part of the movie.
  4. LOST tonight

  5. Survivior Fans

    Dreamz has to be the dumbest ever to play. He had no clue what he was doing. He was clearly lying through his teeth when he was saying that he never intended to keep up his part of the deal. He was so excited to get a car that he didn't even think of the consequences of his deal. The guy clearly has only a few working brain cells.
  6. Spiderman 3

    That's actually Ron Howard's daughter, and she was smokin' hot. She certainly didn't look that good in 'The Lady in the Water'. I give the movie a big thumbs down , and I'm usually pretty easy to please when it comes to movies.
  7. Spiced Rum

    Sprite.....tastes like cream soda.
  8. Do NOT get VISTA if you can wait

    Have the same problem. Also, have issues with 'Sleep' mode. Overall, it's been huge pain in the arse.
  9. Tournament of Babes - Round 2

    It will be a travisty if Salma Hayek and her beautiful bosom lose to the 65 lb. Keira Knightly.
  10. LOST

    the producers have hinted that there are two groups of others.
  11. LOST

    agreed. While this week's show wasn't anything special, the previous two have been great.
  12. Let's talk about the Metal

    That would be them. Although they are slightly more intelligible than others.
  13. Let's talk about the Metal

    What does everyone think of Lamb of God? I really dig their sound but I can't get past the horrid vocals.
  14. Enough Talk!

    Badlands off the Blessing in Disguise album.
  15. Enough Talk!

    Some of my faves, off the top of my head: Raining Blood - Slayer Angel of Death - Slayer Wake up Dead - Megadeth Hand of Doom - Sabbath No Remorse - Metallica Leper Messiah - Metallica Victim of Changes - Priest Flash of the Blade - Maiden