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  1. Best league host(s)

    I've used Fanball for 4 yrs now, and asked MFL if they would allow me to switch all our history/data, etc...... answer was, on a limited basis. Fanball I can go back any year, check any stat, it's right there, top scorers over all/per posotion, top scorers our league, my team, whatever. Our Huddle league, Any Given Sunday moved to MFL this year but I'll keep my other league at Fanball for the history and ability to go back to year 1. MFL does have more customizeable pages per looks, but I'll take Fanball for overall features.
  2. Dolphins

    See no reason for anyone to doubt Green. Yet, people do every year, and every year he throws for 4000+. To say Miami's recievers are not very serviceable, hence a downfall for Green, when did he have recievers in K.C. ? Kennison? cmon.... Green might not be top 3, but he's way better than the bottom 5 by any stretch.......
  3. from what i read, another 10 dog bodies were found, and while yet Vick hasn't been named, niether has anyone else yet................. so that to me says anythings wideopen yet
  4. Teams of the decade

    but we could win the next 3 superbowls,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. all-time a favorite NFL players

    Barry, Butkus, Marino, Fouts, and used to love to watch Lyle Alzada go nuts on the field.
  6. surprise team this year

    Picking Detroit without a doubt.
  7. Larry Johnson

    Question is, what are his demands for a contract? Would you pay him more than LT's getting? I don't think I would.
  8. biggest ''bust'' of 2007

    anyone on my team
  9. matt millen the team wrecker

    Lions take the division,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, now don't wake me up. Far as the draft, I personally don't think Millen has done bad at all. The biggest blown pick was Mike Williams, and I have to think alot of that falls on him, not Millen. Rogers tore it up his first 4 games til we found out he never drinks milk. Hind sight is 20/20, but most of the time peeps were liking the draft moves.
  10. Vick is all done

    Rooting for the Falcons, great. Rooting for Vick, pathetic. Rooting for Joey Hairball, desperate and/or brain dead.
  11. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    Last I read, he's been running and even making cuts, although not full bore. Sounded like he was rehabbing very well, and has alot of confidence will be back in time.
  12. Lendale misses camp

    Even though his absence was and is excusable, it still sounds like theres alot of question marks over this kid. Being over weight is one thing, but having your own team mates question your heart, desire, and dedication, that's quite another story. Kind of reminds me of a guy we had, called Mike Williams.
  13. Lendale misses camp

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 29, 2007) -- Tennessee Titans running back LenDale White did not make it back in time for organized team workouts, leaving coach Jeff Fisher unclear about White's whereabouts. "Everybody else managed to make it back," Fisher said. "He didn't, so I don't know, I guess he had things that are more important to him than what we're doing. I would assume he would be back at some point today." White, a second-round pick from Southern California last season, has had other issues this offseason, reporting for the Titans' offseason program at approximately 260 pounds, then suffering a hamstring injury. Fisher said he had not spoken directly to White but did receive a telephone message from the running back about his absence saying he had flight problems. White is expected to compete with second-round pick Chris Henry for the starting running back job. "He'll get on the field eventually. I just hope it's not going to be too late," Fisher said. "I've been on record with being disappointed with him right now. I hope to have him back on the practice field Thursday. But again, everybody else was here, he wasn't. I'm anxious to hear what kind of excuse he has." -------------------------- Guess Lendale doesn't care too much, wonder if his job is on the line?
  14. Here's a thought for Atlanta...

    future piano player at local bar?
  15. Travis Taylor to the Raiders

    Travis, weak pay to go with that weak performance. Burlesons getting way too much money.