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  1. The Island

    No I believe you're thinking of "The Beach". I agree, The Island is a very good flick.
  2. Am I wrong or does State Farm Insurance sucketh?

    You are correct. It is State Farm dropping them. Link to Palm Beach post
  3. Crash diet

    Thoughts and best wishes go out to you and your wife, blitz.
  4. Pick-up truck (of any kind)

    Used to have one but gas was killing me. I'd like to get a smaller one like a Frontier or Tacoma because I'm tired of not being able to "haul" anything larger than a toaster oven in the Carola.
  5. Funny Baby Moment

    Get ready for lots of that. Alex peed all over the nurses as they were cleaning him off when he was born. I should have known then. I've had to wash down the walls, curtains, pack & play, shirts, etc. from the little guy firing off a couple of warning shots. I've also noticed that this is most prevalent when he gets a "baby boner". I know then that he's chambering another round and I have very little time to take cover. Here's some advice I got from my cousin... We were having a problem w/ the little guy peeing through his diaper even though we were putting it on correctly and everything. He'd just be sitting there all content and then we pick him up and he was soaked. She said to point his peener down (resting on his scrotum) just as you're putting on the diaper. Seems to work. Have fun with the little guy!
  6. Two more in the family

  7. What Housing Bubble?

    Prices down here in South Florida have dropped quite a bit in the last couple of years. Palm Beach county is posting roughly 50-100 new foreclosure cases per day. Broward is a little worse but not much. The wife and I are thinking about moving out to a larger house with an actual yard since the prices of the houses are so low right now. A house near my brother-in-law's place in the next town over from us was first put on sale for around $500K. Was for sale for more than a year. Last we checked the price was down to $325K. Not sure if someone bought it yet but the for sale sign is gone.
  8. i cant see so well

  9. Twiley's kid on the way!

  10. caption this photo

    "Always look on the brighter side of life.."
  11. Prayers Needed

    I'm very sorry for your loss, Timmy. May your brother rest in peace.
  12. Twiley's kid on the way!

    Woo hoo!! Good luck Twiley, Twoobs and Tweely!
  13. OC Fries

    I live in Greenacres. I think it's the fact I need to take so many side roads before I hit a major highway like the 95 or TPKE. And I drive a Corolla. A pacer might be an upgrade power-wise.
  14. OC Fries

    Ah. Usually takes me that long just to get to Jupiter.