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  1. Don't hate me.... Folk at home v Jax Gay at Baltimore .5 ppr
  2. Wilson, if no Mitch, then Foreman
  3. Ship Run after 0-4. Let's Finish!

    @tdybazwhat about Flex? Sorry need 3.
  4. Two questions: 1) Need 2RB/1 Flex from Taylor( duh), Damien Harris, Cord Patterson, RoJo 2) TE - Henry, Friermueth, Gesicki Bonus WR 2 I have AB but if he's a no go, Renfrow or Cord Patterson? .5 ppr
  5. Taylor and Robinson are my RBs .5 ppr
  6. Flex Robinson or Renfrow

    @Yoyo since Taylor is on a bye, I'm rolling with Gibson and Patterson. Thoughts?
  7. Flex Robinson or Renfrow

    Thanks fellas, any more?
  8. At my Flex James Robinson v Ten or Hunter at Chiefs.. .5 PPR
  9. 8 in Row! D Question

    While initial thoughts look like Indy....Tyrod can still throw and run and Houston is playing better lately. TB will get up early, has more weapons and I think will force ATL to try and keep up....we all know what happens to Ryan when that happens, sacks and turn overs. I don't know that Houston will have that problem as Tyrod is smarter and has more mobility to possibly avoid sacks. While they might get down, Indy will run, run, run and eat clock. Also, Miami comes into play as well with Jones out. But I don't know that they have much chance for many turn overs since the Giants will run, run, run with DJ out. Thoughts?
  10. Indy at Houston or TB at ATL?