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  1. WILL...I...WIN?

    Chuck'sChampionshipBoners just repeated! Thanks all!
  2. In a Hole - need some advice!

    Damn your sessions over week 12? Then 4 weeks of playoffs?
  3. Baker or Ben?

    Safe Friggin Boat
  4. WILL...I...WIN?

    Thank you all for the input. Down by 50 He has: Woods, Monty, Tucker, Cle I have: Rogers, Adams, Ridley, Taylor, Koo and Buffalo .5 ppr
  5. @Just Win BabyBaby thanks and Merry Christmas!
  6. Thank you all for the input. The results? Two leagues, two finals! Defense... Houston v. Cincy or Buffalo v.NE Then...TE- Kittle or Godert Finally- Cook and Jacobs at RBs flex Taylor, Carson or Jefferson? .5 ppr
  7. All over the map we are....Akers draws a Jets D that is 8th against the run. Plus Sean Mcvay is a Dick.
  8. @RMS@1 still need that flex!
  9. Rb help week 15!! Pick 2

    Jets 8th against the run, but script says if Rams pass and get up you would think they then run...but then ole' Seany boy may screw everyone and only give him like 10 carries. LOL
  10. I need two WR, two RB and a Flex WR Choices: Thomas, Robinson, Diggs RB Choices: Chubb, Monty and Akers I am not liking MT against KC, thoughts? .5PPR
  11. Celine Dion Rules!

    @League_Champion.... Need that flex call bro...
  12. Celine Dion Rules!

    @Montana is da ManMan agreed....I think they get up and run, run, run. And I think their D scores for them thereby lending that theory even more credence.
  13. Celine Dion Rules!

    @Montana is da ManMan I'm not letting you of the hook that easy, the flex spot is s sticky wicket. Who and why? Where the hell is @League_Champion