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  1. Who to start -- Hass, Romo or Farve

    I have same choice I think im goin with Romo also...
  2. WDIS WR

    I like Jennings also, copper is hurting correct.....Stay away from henry for sure....
  3. 12yds pass = 1pt, rec = .5, td = 6pts Which 2 would you start. Burress vs Ten Coles vs Houston Henderson vs Atlanta Branch vs GB PLease need help...Im leaning towards Burress and Branch for some reason but really like Henderson also....
  4. D. Henderson or D. Driver

    thats tough i think you have to go with driver... should be a shootout..but I have te same problem somewhat, Henderson can have a huge game that should also be high scoring.. I have 2 decide between coles, burress, bracnh and henderson, which 2 to start and i wil be pissed if i start wrong 2. hahaha...good luck
  5. 30yds pass = 1pt, all td = 6pts, .5 per copletion...Im torn...Love Hassy but he is coming of injury and I really like Romo but Bucs Defense is OK....any advice would be great...
  6. Which 2 wr to start

    ANy help would be great..
  7. wdis- running back

    Dillion, jets stink....please post on mine
  8. Housh or Colston?

    I would start Colston, he has been awesome...please post on mine
  9. pick 2 wrs

    Bryant and Bruce also...please check mine out..
  10. Cotchery/Jurevicius/Welker

    Welker for sure especially if you get return yard points...please post mine..
  11. 12yds rece = 1pt td = 6pts Rec = .5pts Which 2wr would you start Coles at NE Burress vs Chicago Branch vs Rams Im thinking Branch and Burress.. Coles has been up an down all year an whether is bad in New England, think seahawk game will be shootout and burress is there only wr....any advice would be great... I have Colston as my TE and Watson on my bench..
  12. 12yds rec = 1pt, td = 6pts, rec = .5pts.. I need to start 2 wr and te Would you start Branch vs Raiders Moss vs Seahawks TE COlston, he can also be used as WR I want to know if you would start Ben Watson at TE, then put Colston as WR, and bench either BRANCH or MOSS...any advice..
  13. TE Help

    Gonzo for sure, shud be a shoot out...Clark isnt bad either but I cant see benching gonzo against rams
  14. A little help, please?

    Deuce and Dillion....would be my choice, but close third Thomas Jones...
  15. Favre or Romo

    30yds passing + 1pt, td + 6pts and Completions = .5pts Who would you start Romo at Washington Favre At Buffalo Im leaning towards Romo for some reason. Any help would be great.