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  1. Andrea Kramer...

    She looked high too. did you see how bloodshot her eyes were???
  2. Keep which 3 ?

    drop the WR out of the bunch.
  3. Which RB's to keep ?

    SJax, Norwood, Maroney and Williams.
  4. Best draft pick of the year

    I took Tiki at 6 and then got Westbrook at #19 overall. Westbrook carried the load as my #1 RB this year, as my league give 1/2 pt for recepts. BTW, our league ended week 16, so I did not get Tiki's big points in week 17. Thanks for nothing this year Tiki. Please retire and go away. Go Eagles today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. IDP for fantasy playoffs

    I was also looking at Cato June. SInce he gets a ton of tackles and Indy should advance. Thanks for the help. Does anyone else have anymore suggestions?

  7. Need to pick an IDP for Wildcard weekend, but one whose team will win and advance. 1/2 pt for tackles, 1 pt. for sacks, int's, or fumble recovered. Any suggestions???
  8. Mine are Chad Jackson, Vernon Davis, Lendale White, Sinorice Moss, and Matt Schaub (free agent).
  9. QB Help

    Thanks for nothing guys. Still won though so I'm really not too upset.
  10. WDIS Help

    Garcia and Booker
  11. QB Help

    actually I grabbed him off of waivers about week 5
  12. Jacksonville RB's, anyone hear any news?

    Sunday Morn. inactives has both playing, which for those of us playing against one of the two is good news. I personally hope Fred gets all the carries today.
  13. Which 2 WRs to start this week?

    I'd say Holt no doubt and probably Walker...Boldin been fairly quiet and obviously a tough matchup.
  14. wdis

    League 1; sit Smith. League 2; sit Taylor and Furrey