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  1. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

    I now understand.
  2. Falcons should go after Cpepp

    The Falcons would be contacting CPepp directly then. He fired his agent two years ago.
  3. Boneless Pork Ribs...

  4. Baking Baby Back Ribs

    Since moving to the NW 6 years ago I have slowly realized that converting my local friends into 18 hour bbq efficianados (sp?) is never gonna happen. Thus, I will try to give my best advice to a fellow Hero. Leave the membrane, waste of time to remove. Take 5 mins and throw a handful of Brown Sugar, enough paprika to make it red, a few shots of cumin / onion power / garlic powder and any other strong season (forget the parsley) that is in your way while you look for the cumin and after mixing throw it on your ribs. if you wanna impress/intrigue your rib neighbor throw in a shake or two of cinnamon. Stick them in the oven at about 450 for 20-30 mins. you want some bubblin/smokin/charrin going on. not covered. meanwhile drink a beer and half. at the end of 15 mins reduce temp to 225 poor the remaining 1/2 beer in the bottom of the pan and cover them with foil. come back 4-6 hours later and eat. I would guess I could have the prep done in about 10 mins. And i'm with ya, sauce is to hide the flavor of good bbq. then again, as you are'nt smokin, sauce may be required. Let me know how they turn out. i've never actually done it. just the same advice I give my other NW buddies; who say they turn out awesome.
  5. chowdah

    I prefer Latina myself. To each his own.
  6. NFL DIRECT TICKET gone up again

    Thanks for the tip, I just got the same offer through Customer Retention. They were billing me 45.80 per month for 5 months. They are now going to "credit back" the first two payments. FWIW.
  7. any great wines for 50 bucks?

    lotsa white options. A Ken Wright Pinot Noir would be a good choice. Or if you like BIG, there is a blend out of AU called BallBuster that goes for about $25. Really good stuff. Bought a case last month. I schit you not.
  8. My first draft this year.What do you think?

    ok, i learned. last time i try to help some newb. even when I do think they are 15 years old.
  9. My first draft this year.What do you think?

    welcome to the huddle Tarantula. you are undergoing hazing. it is standard for those who ask questions without providing enough details to merit an answer. give ya a tip, go and edit your post but this time explain the league. y'know, the little stuff, like how many teams / roster req. / scoring details that sorta stuff.
  10. Torry Holt - not a top 10 WR this year

    You are ok in my book dude. Mainly because I turned down a Holt trade a few weeks ago. That and because us "horses" have to stick together.
  11. Oh Mighty Grill God

    Hell, come build me a new deck and I'll buy you a brand spanking new BGE.
  12. Michael Vick

    Any donation be it time, resources, or money is a good thing - regardless of volume. With that said, Vick donating $10,000 is akin to me donating $10. If I then beat my chest amongst my friends for aforementioned donation I would expect to be called a cheap bastard.
  13. 2007 Mystery Huddler #3

    Did you buy that couch on purpose?
  14. Kielbasa

    Smoke it for at least an hour @ 150-180. If your temp goes above that the sausage will split. It's still edible though.
  15. roasting chicken

    I know my white trash side will come out, but instead of olive oil or butter, try mayonnaise. Really, it's good.