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  1. Vick

    Isn't this like every play. Your post says it all.
  2. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    I am not sure of how the rules a written, but the Chargers had a player die in an airplane accident a few years back and they were still responisible for the contract, as written with regards to the cap, eve if the player was unavailable to the team. I feel ni grief for Sick and what happens to him, but I do feel for the Falcons Organization and the players having to head into the season with this hanging over them. I say again, THANK YOU JOHN BUTLER (RIP) for trading that pick away. If you hadn't, the Chargers would STILL suck!
  3. the supreme court rules ...

    I am not at all suprised that you would focus on the definition of one word than attempt to take in the basic meaning of an entire thought or point. These are meassage boards, not Masters Degree position papers. You have learned well from Clinton my son! I actually though that you and I had found some middle ground a while back. But is clear to me that if you were wearing a green shirt and I said, that is a cool green shirt, you would say, "Thanx, but it is actually closer to lime green!" See y'all later.
  4. the supreme court rules ...

    As an aside to this. One other thing that holds our ability back to producing cleaner energy is yet another controversial subject. However, my environmentalist brethren are way off base when it comes to their stance on nuclear power. The advancement in reactors over the last three decades has been remarkable. Almost all of our major naval vessels are powered by reactors, and we never hear of meltdowns and major accidents. Even the event in Japan, as the result of an earthquake, did not cause any more than some juice to get spilled that can easily be cleaned up. The reactor itself is in tact and not posing a danger to anyone. The amount of waste is fractional compared to earlier technology, and even the waste is being used in other applications. Unfortunately, this is where the non-corporate entities and militant environmentalist are to blame. Throw in a decent helping of, "Yeah, it is a good idea, just don't build it in my backyard!" and you have yet another viable (partial) solution taken off the table. I will probably get creamed for this, but a good start to minimizing our effect on atmosphere and environment would be greater use of nuclear energy.
  5. the supreme court rules ...

    In other words and in the simplest terms. CO2 = naturally occuring gas that is neither clean or dirty. It just "is". All the other crap that comes from emissions = Dirty and BAD. Focus on the "Dirty and Bad" part and you will get more people to join US in this worthy fight.
  6. the supreme court rules ...

    Was that a fly or mosquito? Nope just Bush
  7. the supreme court rules ...

    When you choose to be thick... Yes emissions are bad, they are not the "reason"for global warming/climate change (don't you love the way they kepp re-framing their terms and positions? It is sooo cute). You give us too much credit for long term effect on the planet . The global warming thingy is based on BAD SCIENCE and even worse interpretation of data. The planet will be just fine over the course of a couple million years. To worry about a 30-40 or 150 year pattern is stoopid and self-interested. Greenies are not interested in saving the planet, they want to save themselves. The course for reducing emissions, using the scare tactic of "We are all gonna die because of our evil cars" and burn up in a world getting hotter by the second is stoopid. We should focus on the real reasons, the cogent reasons for reducing emissions across the board. There are many more proven reasons for doing so than the whole, "Cars are bad.. Um-kay!?!?" BS Leave it to "liberals" to have someone on their side and still attack their position because it doesn't fall lockstep with your methods and plan. As a Bio major, I am facinated by and relish all life (except flys and mosquitos ). As a father, I want as clean and toxic free world for my children as possible. But, I am not going to stand shoulder to shoulder with a buch of doofus, feel goods supporting an ignorant position in order to accomplish my means. CO2????? Quite the hoot! CO2 You're killing me, STOP! Now, if you want to talk CO and acidic/poisonous particulate matter entering the water cycle and polluting the soil so that we ultimately end up taking this sh!t in internally, now you're dealing in reality that I think EVERYONE could get aboard with.
  8. Vick Indicted

    And IF he is found not guilty, what do you do? Continue to be a fan of his like nothing ever happened. Why is it that we all know what you can't accept? I still do not get it
  9. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    I'd go with about 5-6 and $250,000 (plus whatever he has to forfiet).
  10. Taxes and the War

    It is the DEFICIT. Not DEFICIT SPENDING. Why is this so hard to accept? Does EVERYTHING have to be gloomy? Is good news too scary because it goes against certain political motivations? I am not a Bush fan, but it is amazing how with a booming economy and the ACTUAL deficit being reduced, there is little talk about it. I know why and so do you. So let's just be honest and accept the fact that this is an amazing feat WHILE we are funding a stoopid war.
  11. What the hell is wrong with people

    I see this stuff everyday, and no matter how much exposure I get, every story/event/act hurts. But, Oh, my God , this one really hurts. especially the "he put her arms around her".
  12. Taxes and the War

    If you have cut the deficit in half, you have paid off the actual debt. Paying ONLY the interest would mean that the debt remains the same, it does not grow or shrink. Or did I miss something (and at my age this is possible )
  13. the supreme court rules ...

    Cool… this again. Look. I think all of us are in agreement that emissions are bad for the environment. Close your garage, start your car and sit there for a while. Come back tomorrow and well me what happened. The gray crap on the snow, the acid rain, etc. OK. Emissions are bad. Why not approach the whole thing from this, proven and sound position? The “anthropogenic” effect on the environment is BAD SCIENCE! If it was good science, I am enough of an eco goober to stand there, shoulder to shoulder to defend your position. I CAN NOT. It makes absolute sense to me to reduce emissions and create a cleaner world for us and all living things to live in. I can't imagine ANYONE would disagree with this general statement (implementation obviously is a whole different thread). It is just another scare tactic used in the modern political world to get people to do what they want. A self-hating, emotionally charged issue with fudged numbers. When the FOUNDER OF F’N GREENPEACE won’t buy into that position, you have basically LOST! 35 years ago, there were fears of another impending ICE AGE. They told us about it in school. Right before the “duck and cover” drills in case nuclear war broke out. The earth, with or without our influence, will not change permanently in just 100 years. We are a blip and insignificant to the global GEOLOGY. Maybe we have an effect on the world biome, but if we are unable to adapt and live on the planet because of what we do, well then, maybe we are self-selecting ourselves for extinction!?!? Either way, the planet doesn’t give a crap if we are on it or not. The whole argument about “global warming” or “climate change” is based on a self-centered desire of self-preservation based on bad science and less than noble intentions. Sometimes I am not real sure we, as a species, are worth saving.
  14. Taxes and the War

    What is amazing to me is that despite the war, the economy and tax revenues have cut the deficit in half over the last few years.
  15. Vick Indicted

    I said in an earlier post that it will be the money trail that ends him. The financial investigation is in FULL SWING. They have already identified assets and cash, hence the clear addition of forfeiture at the end of the indictment.
  16. Vick Indicted

    Speaking of Neanderthal, I saw an amazing show on one of the science channels that documented the evolution of our relationship with the canine species. Of greatest not was that part of their theory was that this relationship could very well have been the key that enabled us to florish past the neaderthal and ultimately survive as a species. As an animal, our advantage is the opposable thumb, big brain and the absolutly uniquely evolved features of our head that allow complex sound formations permitting language as we know it. These traits came at an evolutionary price. Nasal, mouth and ear developement have all been degraded compared to that of other animals and neanderthal, reducing our sence of hearing, smell and using our mouth as a weapon. Our relationship with the dog, especially at night, was convenient because dogs could hear and smell those who imposed danger well before we could. The warning that dogs gave to early humans in these instances was a huge advantage. Dogs, in turn for using their sences for us, recieved the benefit of our left-overs and waste (a dog can live perfectly well on the excrement of human beings. We are not good digesters and leave many nutrients behind). This relationship eased the evolutionary preassure on the need for these sences, allowing further evolutionary development to occure in brain size, manual dexterity and intellectualization. Now mind you, this was presented as a theory based on historical reference. It cannot be absolutly stated, just as we don't know if dinosaurs were all gray (like when I was a kid) or the multi-colored coolness my kids are growing up with!
  17. Vick Indicted

    This has got to be the first time I have seem any use for a domestic terrorist organization! You think they would do some form of I-net release, fillming the whole thing, while wearing masks made of moss? TOOOO F'N FUNNY!
  18. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Go for the obvious! In a passing situation... Hook it up "Rape Stand"!
  19. Yes... But did you prove your screen name to her?
  20. Vick Indicted

    BOTH (and a different forum too )
  21. Vick Indicted

    You're correct. I did not intend to justify our "biblical usage" of animals (food, clothing, burdon) as a means to unneccessary abuse and torture of another life, animal or human. There are those who do cross that line and try to say that God put animals here for our use, however we determine that use to be. I, Ursa, am NOT one of them.
  22. Vick Indicted

    I agree with both you and Azz's srtatement above. In reality, to me it is sort of a sad commentary that such horrific treatment of these animals is going to be ancillary to what ultimately puts Vick away. Sort of like getting Capone on tax charges. The end result is almost empty in terms of how justice was applied and how people "feel" about the case (a little of the "liberal side of me coming out ). Argue with that!
  23. Michael Vick's career

    Read the indicment. Gambling charges (which can lead to RICO/organized crime convictions) are already sited. What few realize is that if Vick does not cooperate and plea now, there is a good chance that "everything else" they may (probably do) have on him can be charged in a "superseding indictment". They can add chrges by going in front of the GJ any time. They can also indict him for totally different charges (no double jeopardy) if they lose this portion of the case. They won't lose this portion though. At the Fed level, there would be heads rolling all over the place if they lost such a high profile case. Remember, OJ was prosecuted by the County of Los Angeles. This is a whole different ball game with AUSA reputations at stake. TOAST
  24. Vick Indicted

    You are trying to compare a highly regulated "sport" with the brutal activity and illeagal interstate gambling? Even the "winning dogs are often so badly injured they need to be put down. Yeah, it is in their nature and spain has made some valid points with regard to this. But, for me there is a point where the brutality crosses the line and is just too far out there. Where do you draw the line? Are you a vegan? Our "use" of other animals is part of why we are who/what we are. There are biblical refs to this in multiple religions (if that is your bag). IMO, this was a very goofy comparison. Humans have had a history of fighting animals, and each other, as entertainment. Everything from scorpions/bugs, to dogs to the gladiators. It does not mean the it is, at this point in time, and in this country, justified. I still contend that it is the charges related to gambling and the actual oraganization of the criminal conspiracy that hammers Vick much harder than the animal cruelty charges. I don't think the Feds would have gotten involved if it was "just" the animal fighting/cruelty.