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  1. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    PP sent.
  2. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    I will take 8 boxes. Thanks! will PP ya.
  3. Playoff Fantasy Football League

    in and $ sent.
  4. Watson or Cousins?

    I like Watson, both have been hot. Watson should get you 30-50 rushing as a plus. Cousins has no TE today, how much workload does Cook get running vs. receiving? TB D is stronger than CHC
  5. Flex Help Please!

  6. Mostert vs. the NFL East

    Can't believe I am starting the NFL east's backfield this week! I have Mostert on the bench due to a tough Wash D. Would you start him over any of these NFL East guys Zeke @ Cinci always start your....... Gallman Vs. AZ double digits last 6 games McKissic @ SF with Gibson out 0.5 PPR Thanks for the thoughts!
  7. Flex help

    Half PPR and just gave up 19 to the Rams D.....
  8. Flex Help

  9. Flex help

    I am a slight underdog, so a higher ceiling helps with this start, who would you roll in week 1 of the playoffs? Gallman vs. AZ McKissic @ SF Cooks @ CHC Mostert vs. Wash
  10. Taysom, Tannehill, or Goff this week

    The Titans/Browns game feels like a battle of who can run the ball better, Henry or Chub/Hunt. If both commit to that this game will be lower scoring and pass attempts will be way down...that would not be good for Tannehill. I hate that the Rams own the Cards, but they do, 5 or 6 in a row, Goff might be the play here.
  11. Dare I sit Zeke this week for Gallman and Mostert? Not in a must win, but close. I know always start your studs, but Zeke has been killing me without Dak.
  12. Mostert for Lockett

    When is Mostert back?
  13. Larry Johnson

    IMO the Chiefs were at a "must win now" about 2 years ago as the O-line was old, Holmes was on his last leg, division sucked enough were they could get a good they are at a point were they keep pushing and trying to win NOW or they throw in the towel for the next two years, try and rebuild the O-Line, WR core and develop a QB. They could do this at the risk of NOT giving LJ the money that he is WORTH and using that cash for the rest of the team. 1.7 Mil is a joke for his numbers, but how much will it take to lock him down and how much longer will he be able to perform at the level of a top 5 back? I think the city of KC will demand that they pay him, they have a ton of pride and though they will still support an 8-8 team, they are ready to get over the hump and get back to a Super Bowl!!! I wish them well and pull for them every Sunday, SD and Den will make every season tough!!
  14. LJ or Gore

    I go LJ as well, KC cannot win without him and will get a deal done, so I would not worry about the holdout, we had 2 in our league last year pass on LT due to a young QB...the fact is LJ will rarely be stopped and he gets the ball around the g-line, think that will change with Brody or Huard....not a chance they take the ball out of his hands. He will catch even more passes as they will face many blitz and presure D situations!! I see him having some BIG plays as he has proven he can do in the past. Gore will have a solid year, but at this point I cannot put him in front of LJ.
  15. Trading 1.11 for 1.03/1.04

    I would stay put, not sure you could offer enough to get to that spot, and if you got to 1.04....who do you take? F.Gore? So you give up the 11 pick and a 2nd or 3rd to get Gore over Westy or Brown, not sure I risk my 2nd or 3rd pick. if you pull it off, let us know what it took!