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  1. Dynasty League Rookie Draft

    You need a TE. Grab Olsen.
  2. Barry Bonds

    A-Rod will be 32 years old in less then a week. He should end this season with around 525 home runs. If he averages 40 home runs a year (which is a ton) he would need 6 more seasons to get to 565. That won't break the record. I'm not saying A-Rod won't/cant do it. I'm just saying it isn't a given that he will do it.
  3. Friday Night Poker

    We use the Moneymakers software. You buy it at Bestbuy in the discount bin. It's $10.
  4. 1 NVN league opening (HAG league)

    I'm pretty busy in August. I was hoping for a slow draft starting soon. If you can't fill it & you get a date PM me and maybe I'll get in.
  5. 1 NVN league opening (HAG league)

    When is the draft? If I'm available I'm in.
  6. Minor league ball

    These games are fun. I love attending AAA baseball games.
  7. Prayers Needed

    My brother has been in the hospital since last Sunday (the 17th). At first he was just in for dehydration because he was throwing up for 12+ straight hours. After a few days he was getting better and about to come home. Then he got pneumonia and was worse then before. Because my brother & I have Muscular Dystrophy (MD) our local hospital's aren't very sure on how to handle us. After days of trying to find a new hospital (a long story as to why we don't use Hershey anymore) he got transferred to Jefferson University today. Hopefully he'll get better now that he's at a major hospital but prayers & good vibes can only help. TIA.
  8. Prayers Needed

    Thanks everyone for your support during this very difficult time.
  9. Prayers Needed

    If you'd like to know who Tommy was here is some info: http://www.legacy.com/TheTimes-Tribune/Obi...e=SearchResults http://www.thetimes-tribune.com/site/index...90572&rfi=8 That is me & my parents in the photo. It's an awful picture since we were all very sad.
  10. Prayers Needed

    All of the thoughts & prayers we are receiving are very nice & helpful.
  11. Prayers Needed

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I just popped on real quick while things are semi calm.
  12. Billiards Anyone

    That tourney died.
  13. Prayers Needed

    Please keep praying all. We were told the other day that besides pneumonia he also has ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) . When you combine pneumonia & ARDS with his MD he has a very big hill to climb. He is very tired and that isn't helping either.
  14. Friday Night Poker

    I'm out. Too tired.
  15. Friday Night Poker

    I'm going to Philly to see my brother. If I'm back I'll probably play.
  16. Poker Help

  17. OC Fries

    Old Forge PA has some very good pizza.
  18. Prayers Needed

    Update: While having a scope done today they accidentally punctured a hole in his lung. Because of that they had to insert a chest tube. As of right now the tube is in & he is doing ok.
  19. My Son Broke His Arm Last Night!

    Sorry to hear that Spain. Your son sounds tough as nails.

    Happy B-day Whomp!
  21. Prayers Needed

    Thanks Spain! I actually own Young in a few dynasty leagues so I'm pulling for the Titans this year.
  22. Prayers Needed

    I'm a Giants fan. He's a 49ers fan.
  23. Prayers Needed

    Thanks all!