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  1. Saturday night poker

    oh ok
  2. Saturday night poker

    What's the IP address again?
  3. surprise team this year

    When they start off 1-0 and show everyone how to stop Romo it'll look better.
  4. Saturday night poker

    I'm here
  5. surprise team this year

    Someone has to pick the G-men so I'll do it. I know there are a lot of big question marks but I believe Jacobs & Eli will impress.
  6. Saturday night poker

    I am going to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees game tonight but I should be home by 10:30ish. If I'm home in time I'll play.
  7. What shows have you caught up on?

    I watched season 1 & 2 of 24 & Entourage.
  8. Friday night poker

    I can't play tonight sorry guys.
  9. Positive Waves Needed.

    Good luck PD!
  10. salary cap in professional sports

    While I agree that there needs to be a cap this is really a moot point. The players union will NEVER allow even talk of a cap.
  11. Jubblies

    You shouldn't tease people with the thought of jubblies.
  12. Closest to the Pin

    It's in the hole!
  13. What's in a Name?

  14. salary cap in professional sports

    I agree that along with a salary cap you need a minimum cap. Teams like the Royals, Pirates, Marlins, ect need to spend more money. However, why would/should a team spend $80 mil when that still won't be enough to win? If I would get the same results spending $50 mil as I would spending $80 mil then obviously I'm only going to spend $50 mil.
  15. YouTube Videos

    Triumph at the Tony Awards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qY1j_bKg8o
  16. I'm thrilled to hear she's doing well.
  17. salary cap in professional sports

    Baseball needs a cap for minimum salaries as well as a total spending cap. However, with the players union that will never happen. For those of you that think salary doesn't matter I will make a bet with you. I get the top 15 teams salary wise & you get the bottom 15. Whoever wins the world series wins the bet.
  18. Prayers/good vibes needed

    Sorry to hear that. Prayers sent.
  19. Friday night poker

    I'll be in.
  20. Is the Poker Boom Over?

    Yes, I grinded my way into 34th place. My poor brother got 46th after getting pocket aces cracked twice.
  21. Is the Poker Boom Over?

    The Borgata was pretty crowded. I think I saw you but you were busy so I didn't bother you.
  22. How many teams are in the league? What is your scoring system? If it's a 12 team regular scoring league I thin your team is ok. Your 2nd RB is weak & I hope you have a good back up QB because McNabb always gets hurt.
  23. WSOP Updates

    201, wow that's a nice turnout. We know that we're the only ones who are allowed to decide how to play the hand. Besides our mother helps us a lot & she's clueless at poker so we are good there. Thanks!