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  1. My first call from a Huddler.

    This was funny as hell.
  2. WSOP Updates

    Sounds good, I'll look for you. How many people are you expecting for this tourney? I'm thinking in the 150-200 range. Also, just a quick heads-up if you are running the tourney. My brother & I are both physically handicapped. We need a few small accommodations to play. We bring someone with us to show us our cards, to handle our chips, ect.. When I played in the $500 WPT tourney in 2005, The Borgata people couldn't be nicer. They helped me out without any complaints so I'm assuming the same thing will be done on Saturday.
  3. Billy Donovan

    Donovan is leaving the Gators for the NBA. The money hasn't been announced yet but it has to be a large sum. It also hasn't been announced who will replace Donovan at Florida. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=2888555
  4. WSOP Updates

    My brother is getting in the Borgata Summer Open on Saturday (I might be I'm not sure if I want to spend $1,080 on a poker tourney) will you be dealing for that?
  5. 5,000+

  6. The perfect thread

  7. Sopranos are on in about 7 minutes.

    The good: Killing Phil was great. Paule & the cat was funny as hell. The bad: AJ lived. Meadow is the worst driver ever & can't park. No nudity!
  8. Roger Clemens

    To be honest I don't believe the whole "fatigued groin". I think they wanted his first start to be at home against an awful Pirates team.
  9. Offensive Rookie of the Year

  10. Roger Clemens

    I will say 2 things. 1. The Pirates stink. They are just plain bad. 2. As far as Clemens goes he was good but not great. He always had runners on base and he gave up 3 runs. That's a 4.5 ERA vs Pittsburgh. Unless he gets much better he will be in trouble vs good hitting teams.
  11. Roger Clemens

    I will be at Yankee stadium tomorrow watching Clemens and cheering against him as I root for my Pirates.
  12. Fastest wheelchair in America

    Being in a power wheelchair my first thought was "wow that would be fun!" After some thinking I now realize it wouldn't be fun & I would be & .
  13. WSOP Updates

    I would guess if they really want to play the next event they'll sign up & just blind out until they finish the current event.
  14. WSOP Pool Update

    I just went to cardplayer.com & picked 20 names I knew.
  15. Hopefully the good news will continue as the prayers keep coming.
  16. Whos the better freeze?

    I'm a huge Wayne guy.
  17. Membership due?

    +1 I need to call soon.
  18. the Sopranos finale contest

    1. Tony lives 2. Carm, AJ, & Meadow live 3. Paulie dies 4. No more Dr. Melfie 5. Sil dies 6. Phil dies 7. Carmine sides with NJ 8. Carmine then dies 9. Another scene from the Bing 10. No more Janice Tie-Breaker - AJ
  19. Prayers, please

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my prayers.
  20. Sopranos

    Tony dragging AJ out of bed and trowing clothes on him was funny as hell.
  21. Bonds record breaking HR pool

    I'd get in but I'm an addict.
  22. That is common around here. Not 200 people but family, friends of the kid, & friends of the parents. To answer your question assuming you a good friends with the parents I would give $50. If you are best friends or if the party is at a banquet hall like a wedding I'd up to $100.
  23. Keeper League Question

    I agree with BC. You can't waste a keeper player on a QB. I would keep Wayne & Bush. Wayne was a top 5 WR in most leagues last year. I'd keep Bush because most of the top RB's will be kept so if you went with say Smith & Wayne you'd be very weak at RB.
  24. Billy Martin, eat your heart out

    While I can't picture a NFL coach throwing his hat they pretty much do the same thing just on the sideline. NFL coaches yell at the refs all game long. They throw clipboards, towels, & headsets. Basketball coaches do it too.
  25. What book are you currently reading?

    The first two episodes were alright.