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  1. Friday Night Poker

    I know CD is out of town but my brother is 95% sure he can set up the game. If he can who is in?
  2. Friday Night Poker

    Crap, I didn't think so. This is why we need CD. Oh well, maybe next week someone else can try.
  3. Friday Night Poker

    You can also try entering his ip address. It is: It doesn't sound like many can play so maybe it won't matter.
  4. Friday Night Poker

    Ok, well he setup a room but it's weird. When I type in his ip address is doesn't work but I can see his room and enter it without entering an ip address. If someone else tries to join post here please so I know if you can get in.
  5. Droughns vs. Jacobs

    As a Giants fan I am fairly sure that it is Jacobs job. They got Droughns for a failed WR. They didn't want to pay Henry or Rhodes because they believe Jacobs is the future. Look beyond Jacobs and there was no one. They needed depth and Droughns gives them that. Now, will Jacobs last all 17 games? No one can really answer that. Only time will tell. I did think Jacobs looked good when he came in on 1st & 10 or other non short yardage situations. I think barring injuries Jacobs will finish with 1,100 yards & 12-14 TD's.
  6. What book are you currently reading?

    Is the new show on ABC named Traveler based on that book?
  7. LJ to see more touches as receiver

    With that scoring does Westbrook go 1.1?
  8. v for vendetta

    I guess they didn't like the movie.
  9. Billy Donovan

    Probably not. If I'm not mistaken Donovan never said he wouldn't/wasn't leaving like Saban did.
  10. GQ has "Article" about Jessica Alba

    I love her.
  11. #2

  12. Bonds record breaking HR pool

    I'm in.
  13. How did the mri turn out? I hope it went well.
  14. What book are you currently reading?

    I got talked into reading the Harry Potter books. I just finished the first & I'm waiting to borrow the second.
  15. Lendale misses camp

    What leagues are you in where Henry fell to 2.08 & 2.12? He just went at 1.05 in my dynasty league.
  16. 2007 WSOP Pool

    Huddle Name- Timmypg Rank Player (First and Last) 1. Mike Matusow 2. Phil Hellmuth Jr. 3. Phil Ivey 4. Daniel Negreanu 5. J.C. Tran 6. Paul Wasicka 7. Joseph Hachem 8. Carlos Mortensen 9. David Pham 10. Dan Harrington 11. Annie Duke 12. Chris Ferguson 13. Ted Forrest 14. Allen Cunningham 15. Jennifer Haman 16. Chad Brown 17. John Juanda 18. Doyle Brunson 19. Scott Fischman 20. Antonio Esfandiari
  17. Attention Friday Night Poker players

    I believe my brother can set them up if he's free. If he has any questions I'll pm you CD.
  18. I Bet You

    I didn't think I got it but I thought I'd check.
  19. Don't look now

    If by "wake up" you mean get them fired then yes it will.
  20. I Bet You

    Do you have DirectTV BC? If so what channel is Mojo?
  21. UFC 71, Who's Watchin?

    I'll be getting tonights UFC. I don't normally buy these so how long does the entire show last?
  22. Friday Night Poker

    Money sent. For the record you're not a very good twat.
  23. Friday Night Poker

    You can be our Twat.
  24. Friday Night Poker

    I'll be on in 10