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  1. Friday Night Poker

    You'll have to ask him that.
  2. Friday Night Poker

    Not as much as me.
  3. Friday Night Poker

    Yes, yes, & yes.
  4. Friday Night Poker

    Since CD is playing I guess we don't need my brother to setup the game. Does anyone care if he plays still?
  5. That's great news Polk.
  6. Friday Night Poker

    I'm in.
  7. Need some help.

    I agree with your thought. Some people expect huge things from Gore, I don't.
  8. Would you do this trade?

    No, you're not improving anywhere except maybe QB if Quinn ends up being good. Fitz is younger then Holt and close to him points wise. Gates is better then Smith. Norwood can be a good/great RB while Taylor will be backing up Peterson. Quinn is still an unknow and in a 12 team league a QB shouldn't be that hard to get. You may get a good rookie in 08 but who knows. I say without a doubt no.
  9. Need some help.

    Depends on how much you value Gore, Jackson, LJ, & Alexander. One of those guys will be your pick. I wouldn't trade up as I'm only sold on Jackson & I don't think he'll fall to four. That is just my thought.
  10. Holy Crap, I'm a Daddy!

  11. I'm glad to hear that everything is going good. Your family will remain in my prayers. Also, I think you are doing a great thing Muck. Hopefully we can atleast take one thing off of their minds.
  12. The Royals will win the World Series this year

    "Perennial Prospective Owner Mark Cuban" This would make my year.
  13. 24

    Overall I thought the show was ok. I thought Bill was going to die. I did think the last 10 minutes at Heller's house was very powerful.
  14. Heroes season finale

    TVguide reported on Peter & Nathan's status for next season. If you want to know goto: http://www.tvguide.com/News-Views/Columnis...lo/default.aspx Questions 3, 4, & 5 are all on Heroes.
  15. Heroes season finale

    Didn't Nathan & the mother keep saying Peter will be fine after he explodes? I can't see season 2 not having Peter. Without him there is no really powerful "goodguy".
  16. Heroes Season Finale

    I could be wrong but I believe Heroes: Origins will be new Heroes. Then the viewers vote and their favorite new Hero will be on the show.
  17. 24

    I just hope next year is back to being bad-ass & the best show on tv.
  18. Friday Night Poker

    Get your mind out of the gutter.
  19. Sopranos

    Am I the only one who hates AJ and wanted him to die? I hate that story line.
  20. Friday Night Poker

    Man you're good BJ.
  21. Allow me to share

    Very nice BC.
  22. Friday Night Poker

    I can't set up a table but my brother could. He isn't a Huddler but he loves poker. Let me know if you want him to install the game.
  23. Friday Night Poker

    I'll be good to go in 5-10 minutes