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  1. Jones vs. Jones

    Typical performance league....would you drop Kevin Jones for Greg Jones?
  2. WW Predicament...

    Performance league...we're only allowed one ww pickup per week. I'm contemplating dropping Kevin Jones for Brandon Jacobs OR dropping Troy Williamson for Robert Ferguson. Jones in hurt and sucks when healthy, but Jacobs is pretty much a goal line hawk only. Williamson isn't doing much, but Ferguson got a bum knee and MIGHT play this week. I'm leaning towards Ferguson, but I'd like your expert opinions. Thanks.
  3. Duckett for M. Barber?

    JJ - thanks for your input. FYI - Luv the Avi.
  4. Duckett for M. Barber?

    Quit, do you have any insight into my question?
  5. Duckett for M. Barber?

    Performance league...drop Duckett for Marion Barber? How much will Barber play when Jones comes back?
  6. Fantasy League Help

    For part of our league dues, we charge $5 for each loss you had. That keeps owners from tanking it. Also, we have a lottery system, much like the NBA, to determine draft position for next season. One provides incentive to stay competitive and the other discourages "dumping" because you're not guarenteed anything.
  7. Houston is favored?

    The line means nothing in terms of who's suppose to win the game...the bookies set it to get money moving in both directions. If too many people are betting Houston, they'll raise the line to start moving some bets towards Cleveland, and vice versa..... As an NFL player you can't put any stock in the think he'd know better.
  8. This year's stuff job...

    plus Green Bay has a tough schedule coming up and more than likey will be playing from behind and throwing the ball. Williams is developing bad wheels, so Pittman should be your pick.
  9. Have you dumped Gonzo yet?

    But the season's about half over and he's produced nothing. I don't have room on my roster for players who don't score.....
  10. regular performance league...time for Gonzo to go's what's available: Chatman - GB Bryant - Cleveland Henry - Cinci Toomer - Giants I know, not pretty but at least these guys have caught a td or 2.
  11. Brunell or Dilfer...

    Pretty basic performance league. I've got Bulger and Palmer at QB. With Bulger hurt I can put him on IR but he has to stay there for 3 weeks. He's expected to be out 2 weeks and the 3rd is a bye so I'm not hurt by putting on my leagues IR. Palmer will become my starter. Should I replace Bulger with Brunell or Dilfer. In case I need to start one of them, Brunells next 3 matchups are: San Fran NY Giants Philly Dilfer gets: Detroit Houston Tenn Brunell's a better qb with a better supporting cast, but Dilfer is somewhat solid with better matchups. Would appreciate your expert opinions. Thanks
  12. Moulds vs Ferguson...

    Moulds and Ferguson are both available on our waiver wire. In a basic performance league, which do you take?
  13. Typical performance league, roster carries 4 receivers, start 3. I have: Steve Smith Tony Gonzo Anquan Boldin Braylon Edwards Should I try to replace Boldin or Edwards with Johnson? Johnson hasn't done much but it's been against 2 top 10 defenses (Buffalo/Pittsburgh). Also, according to Priority News (below) they may be re-evaluating how they use him. I'm leaning towards replacing Edwards with Johnson, but would like your professional opinions. Thanks. PRIORITY NEWS Andre Johnson - WR, Houston Texans 09/28/05 According to John P. Lopez of the Houston Chronicle, new offensive coordinator Joe Pendry will attempt to do something that recently-fired Chris Palmer failed to accomplish: get the ball to talented-but-underused WR Andre Johnson on a much more frequent basis. The Texans have never found an answer to the double-teams that Johnson has consistently faced since he exploded on the scene in his rookie year in 2003. Part of the problem is the team's inability to field a quality No. 2 wideout (currently Corey Bradford), a challenge that will require some creative thinking from Pendry. Huddle Up: Few, if any, healthy players have seen their fantasy stock drop more than Johnson over the past 10 months. In the final four games of 2004, he caught only 11 passes for 124 yards and he opened this season on a similar note with seven catches and 38 yards in the Texans' first two games. Things look bleak for Houston in 2005, but Pendry's hiring must be considered great news for those who burned an early-round pick on Johnson this year, if only because something needed to happen and there is now some hope. Johnson is probably a relatively cheap buy at the moment, so owners feeling a bit risky may want to roll the dice in hopes that Pendry's approach is the cure for what ails the Texans' offense.
  14. Time To Dump Arrington?

    I have JJ Arrington on my roster, thinking I'd use him as a fill in, on the hopes that he'd maybe turn in to something. Unfortunately he's turned into a turd and due to injuries, and now byes, I've had to use him more than I want. In a pretty typical performance league, would you dump him for any of these guys? Which one? Ron Dayne Chester Taylor Frank Gore Thanks!!
  15. Brandon Jacobs inquiry

    I drafted Brandon Jacobs as my last RB, on a flyer based on something I read here at The Huddle. I didn't start him, but I see he scored. My first thought was that he saw some mop up action when the game was well in hand. However, after checking the boxscore, I see he got the ball in the 3rd quarter while the Giants were trailing the Cards. Can anybody give me some insight and foresight as to how Jacobs was/will be used? Strictly goal line? Spelling Barber? A combination of the two? One week "wonder"? Thanks!!