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  1. QB for Week 16

    Can I get your opinions on who to start for week 16 at QB? I have the following options with standard scoring: Bulger vs Redskins Eli Manning vs Saints Cutler vs Bengals Eli has the worst matchup with the Saints 5th ranked passing D, Cutler has the best matchup against the Bengals 29th ranked passing D and Bulger faces the 19th worst passing D. I hate to put my playoff hopes on a rookie, but Cutler has thrown 2 td's a game in his 3 starts. Bulger faces a Washington D that has been pretty generous lately. Eli is not playing very well although last week he had 3 td's. Your comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Peace!
  2. LT2 is an unstoppable juggernaut

  3. LT...a word of advice

    LOL, you read my mind!
  4. Brian Westbrook

  5. LT2 is an unstoppable juggernaut

    It is nice to see other individuals that were so blessed with the company of LT and LJ in the same backfield. All this, and this is a 3 player keeper league! The fantasy Gods like me! QB - Bulger, Eli RB - LT, LJ, Addai, Fraud WR - Burress, Driver, Stallworth, Coles TE - Heap, Winslow PK - Gould DF - CHI Can any of you beat this team? Because no one I have played has come close! Let's say it together... R-E-P-E-A-T!!!
  6. Brian Westbrook

    I personally think that his numbers will increase w/o McNafro. In PPR leagues, he could average 10 catches the rest of the way. The only issue is will he hold up under the stress? That is what I worry about.
  7. Is San Diego the best team in the NFL

    SAN DIEGO SUPER CHARGERS 2007 NFL CHAMPIONS none of you thought that the Steelers could do it last year. this year we are seeing that PIT isn't as good as the run they were on. no one can stop LT...wait til they get the steroidian back on D. they are in the zone right now and I can see them take it the distance. it would actually be nice to see. i am not a charger fan but they have a good team. since my team blows, i say let's go CHARGERS!!! that and Kendra like 'em too!
  8. Black Sunday...

    On a day where everyone seemed to get hurt, LT once again was terrific. We are witnessing history every Sunday folks. This guy is on a different level than anyone! He will shatter records this year and will be humble about it. LT is what a "real" player should be. Keep it up LT... Let's go San Diego Super Chargers. P.S. He is playing so good that even Marty Ball can't hold him back!
  9. Mario Williams...

    Thanks for your opinions. I am a Texans fan and I actually saw a little fire in him this weekend. If he ever grows up I think he will be a beast. I'm not calling him a Pro Bowler yet; but I like what I see.
  10. Mario Williams...

    25 tackles and 4.5 sacks... What do you think?
  11. Willis McG injury update...

    Bills RB McGahee has broken rib wire reports ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (Nov. 6, 2006) -- Buffalo Bills running back Willis McGahee has a broken rib and backup receiver Josh Reed was hospitalized overnight with a bruised kidney. Jauron said he will await further tests before ruling either player out for Buffalo's game at Indianapolis on Nov. 12. "We'll make initial decisions on Wednesday and then move from there, but we'll be cautious with them," Jauron said. Of the chances McGahee will play, Jauron said "It depends on how painful it is and depends on the extent of the fracture and all of those things that we're still learning."
  12. Pouring Salt into the Steelers Fans' Wounds

    How ironic... Bettis throws ex-teammates under the BUS. Freaking media types!
  13. WDIS?

    Todd Heap @ Denver or Kellen Winslow @ Carolina Thanks for you opinions/advice I hear Denver has been real stingy against TEs this season. Not sure about the Panthers.
  14. T.O. Taken to Hospital

  15. T.O. Taken to Hospital

    I seriously doubt that even TO would go to this extreme to get attention! There are a million things you can do besides ending your life. And by the way one of my good friends blew his own head off and this is not something to crack jokes about. You people have some compassion. While he acts like a tool, he is still a human being.