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  1. Have last minute questions?

    Thanks, forgot to state that. Another Yahoo scoring question at WR, D Jackson, Gabriel, Reggie Williams, and Berrian. Start 3.
  2. Have last minute questions?

    WDIS at WR? Standard Yahoo scoring system, 6pts per TD, 20yds=1pt. Harrison @ DEN D Jackson @ KC Berrian @ SF Reggie Williams @ PHI D Driver @ AZ
  3. Leftwich added to injury report -- Questionable

    I too am going with Lefty. I hope he plays three quarters and puts up some good numbers.
  4. Watch Mike Bell in Denver. If he reminds #1 in Denver, he is in for a year. But look at your scoring system, do you get 1 pt per receiption?, 6 pts per TD?, Big plays rewarded? 2 WRs may not be a bad decision, but RB-WR maybe better if your scoring system and position rules emphasis a certain postion over the others (like requiring 4 WRs to start or 2 QBs).
  5. How about Lamont Jordan? With receptions being rewarded and a better QB, he just might be the dark horse here. But I would look to Tiki first, probably. it actually depends on your league's scoring and position requirements.
  6. Strategy for the autodraft

    1. Yes, set your draft up to draft two RBs in the first two rounds. You have to assume you will get the first pick. Who do you want? LJ, SA, or LT? But check the scoring and position requirements too. 2 RBs needed? 3WRs needed? 2. I would Draft this way for the first 6 rounds. 1-2: RB, 3-5: WR, 6: QB, if you are using the standard YAHOO scoring system. Note: pick up DEF before TE and K, under the standard YAHOO scoring system, DEF score more than either usually. 3. Count on the boneheads to draft stupidly. Plan for them to draft the best from their team each round. So do not draf those players at all. Let them have them. Take your sleepers instead.
  7. Thanks, Rhino. Thanks for saving me the cash (about $40.00 to $50.00). I am going to wait on your lists instead of using the money on out of date mags (big time).
  8. Who's the Worst player you ever drafted?

    Kevin Jones last year for me. I was hoping for a solid #2 RB nope for the 2nd round. I had Holmes but no LJ. Ouch. Out of the playoffs altogether - finished 9th out of 10 teams.
  9. Eagles RB situation

    Without either, Philly would really suck because Westbrook plays a major role in the offense outside of McNabb. QUOTE Avernus Posted Today, 5:35 PM what does this have to do with Brian Westbrook?
  10. Peter King's Commissioner for a Day

    The chips will allow the refs to know if the ball crossed the goal line in a pile very easy and will be linked to instant reply so that down by contact can be easily checked. The only other one I agree with is No. 2. 1. Expand the regular season to 18 games: I agree the 16-game, September-December regular-season is just right. Besides this would increase ticket prices, NFL Season Ticket on cable and digital, and salaries. 2. Pass a bylaw prohibiting playoff expansion: Just fine as it is. 3. Make long field goals more valuable: No way. Stupid idea because how would misses be scored? Negative points? Just football would not be enough on a missed long FG. 4. Take NFL Sunday Ticket off the dish and put it on digital cable: Every point on target. Look for it to happen when the current contract expires...and a mass exadous from satellite to digital cable. It is already available on Cable... baka. 5. Stop the love affair with Los Angeles Nah, give LA a team....make it a four-sport town. Possible, but.... I would rather have a team in an area were there are no other pro sports. Better draw, more local interest, and good for local economy. 6. Put more mikes on players and officials, and put the game on a seven-second delay: The league would have to heavy censor the comments, and what was not censored would probably offend some like the ACLU or PITA or Oprah. 7. Let players wear the numbers of their choice -- with an asterisk: Instead let the players pay some of their money for the rights. Use the money to help the retired players who have no retirement or very little. 8. Prohibit the moving of the Saints for five years: Bad business decision unless the league is willing to pay money for a new stadium in New Orleans. Not going to happen. Saints will move to another city soon... LA maybe. 9. Put two computer chips in the football, and make the goal line, in essence, capable of sending a signal when the football touches the plane of the goal line: See above. 10. Make the Super Bowl the best two out of three: NO WAY. ALL of February for football? It would actually delute the Super Bowl game itself.
  11. Eagles RB situation

    8-8, that would be a dream season for Philly.... Without Westbrook and Moats, Philly is again a very bed team.
  12. Favre's place in history

    Farve is a great QB. As for ranking great QBs, it is impossible to do because of the changes to the game - in preparation, rules, player size, athletic abilty, etc. Farve is a great competitor and plays for the love of the game. I respect him for it.
  13. Champions Sign In

    I won three Super Bowls out of four this year. I had Alexander in two and Larry Johnson for the third. My MVP - Alexander.
  14. Thank you all

    Congratulations on the two championships. Larry - LJ from now on - carry me to a championship too. Week 17 - WOW LJ, First round pick - yes, Number 1 pick overall - very possible.
  15. Wow..Vick really does suck

    I hope everyone remembers this next year when the fantasy books hype him yet again. I refuse to draft this guy at all. 20 TDs and 16 TOs does not make a Pro Bowl selection. I would rather have Joey Harrington at the Pro Bowl.