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  1. Greatest American "Genius"

    Al Gore, he invented the internet and brought all the rest of us geniues together.
  2. Important news

    Don't think he'll have the staying power of Bob.
  3. Breach

    Saw it a couple weeks ago and thought it was decent.
  4. looting

    People are people, most are good most of the time and bad part of the time and vice versa.
  5. So, what should I wear to meet dmd?

    overalls will do.
  6. It's Hotter then

    Actually, its not too hot here in Texas this summer. Wet, but not hot.
  7. On-line Dating sites?

    My wife just showed up at my front door one night but I have a nephew that got hooked up at eharmony.
  8. Welcome to America!

    Fish jumping in the boat, thats cool!
  9. How long do you stay in the bathroom?

    As long as it takes to do what ever I needs to do. 10 minutes tops!
  10. What's in a Name?

  11. When beauty goes bad

    We all go bad eventually.
  12. Toiletries at work

    The toilets at work don't always work!
  13. a tree fell down in woods , i was around, i heard it

    The wife and I were at Lake Caddo last weekend and a big tree limb fell and missed us by about 10 feet. Scared the Sh-it outta me and made me reach for another beer!