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  1. We did the same thing and it worked out very well (2 keeper league)
  2. favorite football announcer

    Growing up, I loved listening to Jim Irwin and Max McGee call the Packers games on the radio. I think they were loaded by the end of the first.
  3. Randy Moss

    HOFer. Not only will his career stats put him at the top of a lot of catagories, but he was also on of the most dominant players (not just WRs) in the league for a couple of years. If only he played hard, who knows what kind of numbers he could have put up (especially with the Randy-Ratio)
  4. favre trade demand is real

    The wonderful Onion
  5. Steal of the Draft

    Packers picked 2 LBs in the 6th while he was still on the board. They don't really need LBs, so maybe that's why they didn't draft him.
  6. What do the Packers do now?

    I'm just glad it is over.
  7. What do the Packers do now?

    K? Suffering succotash!?
  8. Nice Reach Packers

    I would have rather seen him trade down into the 2nd round with a top 5 team that wanted Quinn.
  9. quinn ...what is going on ?

    If he gets to the Packers, what do they do again?
  10. A couple nice cold Moose Drools for me