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  1. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Westbrook, Harrison, Bush
  2. If you'd like it, shoot me a Private message with your phone #. You need to pick it up in Royal Oak.
  3. Top 10 QB's next year?

    Because he was #6 in fantasy pts/game last year and #8 the year before that. Knock his lack of pocket passing ability all you want, he's still a decent fantasy option.
  4. This Should Be Interesting

    Look better, and bump them back in the draft one more slot, and give other teams more incentive to raid their coaches and players !?!? Then again, the SB losers have typically tanked the next year...
  5. Is it just me...

    I kind of lost interest for whatever reason, and it hasn't helped that the games that I've been able to watch have not been too exciting. Once the Colts and Pats lost, I really had no expectations for any of the remaining teams. All of them this weekend had solid teams on both sides of the ball, but there is not one of them that made me think (now or during the reg. season) - yeah, they are gonna win it all baby.
  6. NE at DEN

    This is what I'm thinking. It's gonna come down to the final 2 drives and who do you trust more, Brady or Plummer ? I'll take Brady.
  7. WDIS RB!

    I see the delema ... that's tough. My gut tells me Bell here. All season long he's gone nuts on tougher run Ds while Andrson has done better against soft run Ds. Good luck.
  8. Pick the winners

    SEA IND NE CAR 20-13 (33)
  9. Good moves/ Bad moves

    Drafting Mike Anderson with my last pick. Drafting Stephen Davis instead of D Foster. Trading M Moore for S Moss in wk 3. The LJ handcuff to Holmes Making the playoffs after an 0-3 start. Picking up Warner and Boldin on the WW after their injuries. Grabbing Kevin Curtis from the WW (remember him?) Not trading S Davis when the time was right. Drafting Plummer and Lelie in both leagues, much higher than they deserved. Drafting Gonzo too high in both leagues (passed on Fitz to take him in one, and passed on Gates to take him in the other) Playing Warner in week 15 when he got hurt which cost me 'bout $250.
  10. Ricky over LT!

    No way I would do that. Maybe that's why I'm not in the SB though. Good Luck!
  11. Mostly Saturday games

    Our lineup deadline rule is as follows: "Allow lineup changes to any player in an early game until five minutes before kickoff of the early game, and at 12:55pm EST on Sunday for everyone else." Most of the games are on Saturday at 1:00, are they really "early games" if most of the teams are playing then ? There isn't even a 1:00 game on Sunday so the 12:55 Sunday thing is kind of weird too. I don't recall ever having this many games on Saturday.
  12. Def. for the Superbowl

    2 good Ds playing 2 of the worst offenses in the League. If one were at home, I'd lean that way, but they're both on the road. Both against division rivals. NE has it's playoff seed locked up, realistically nothing more to gain. JAX could still get bumped out of the playoffs if they don't win. I think JAX will play harder this week after the close call last week. Go with JAX.
  13. Free Fantasy Advice

    Hated, Playing for 3rd place and money back. Perfomance scoring. Not TE mandatory, TEs are used as WRs. Start 3 WRs. My options in the order I like them are: S Moss vs NYG Gonzo vs SD Engram vs IND - D Jax back, but they want to win this one. Wayne @SEA - Nothing to play for except staying healthy. Though Marvin may be out. Curtis vs SF - A dud as of late, but with Martin back and the matchup there's upside here. Since Warner got hurt I can place him on IR and was looking at either S Parker vs SD or Todd Heap vs MIN. Any advice would be appreciated. Good luck to you this week.
  14. In need of great advice!

    I agree with Fletch. Those a pretty decent replacements and with a full game, they should surpass what Marvin and Edge do in one half.