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  1. Down to the last game, and I have to win to get into the playoffs - who would you start: Kev Jones - @ NE McGahee - vs. SD Scoring system: .1pt per every yd 6pts per TD Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. Need a little Help

    League 1 - I'd go w/ Jones there League 2 - Bulger & Betts Good luck!
  3. I'm in a "must win" game this weekend, you would you pick for my starting QB: Young - vs. Indy Grossman - vs. Minn Cutler - vs. Seattle Grossman has been so awful lately, I am tempted to throw in the untested Cutler instead! Let me know your thoughts! Scoring system: .04pts per yard 4pts per TD -2pts per Int
  4. Kitna or Grossman

    Kitna today vs. Miami Grossman Sunday @ NE Scoring syetem: .04pts per yard 4 pts per TD -2pts per int Let me know, and Happy Thanksgving!!
  5. Is it time to Bench Kitna?

    I am definitely benching him this week! Rumors of him dropping behind McNown on the depth chart can not be a good thing - combine that w/ no Kev Jones and a tough Miami DEF, and he's going to have a rough Thanksgiving! See my post re: who to pick up to replace Kitna! Good luck.
  6. WDIS Def

    I like Miami here - Chic's going to have a tough test vs. NE on the road. Good luck - take a look at my QB post when you get a chance.
  7. My 2 starters right now are Grossman & Kitna: one is inconsistent (Grossman), and one may get demoted to #2 (Kitna)! Of these available free agents, who would you add not only for this week but for a potential playoff run: Carr - Next 5 games: NYJ, Oak, Tenn, NE, Indy Frye - Next 5 games: Cinn, KC, Pitt, Balt, TB Losman - Next 5 games: Jax, SD, NY Jets, Miami, Tenn McNair - Next 5 games: Pitt, Cinn, KC, Clev, Pitt Campbell - Next 5 games: Car, Atl, Philly, NO, St. Louis Scoring system: .04pts per yard 4pts per TD -2pts per Int If you can let me know today, I'd appreciate it! Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  8. 2nd RB Today

    Already starting A. Green, who would you use as #2 today? Kev Jones - vs. Atl Cadillac - vs. NO McGahee - vs. GB Scoring system: .1pt for every yard rushing/receiving 6pts per TD Thanks!
  9. WDIS? 2 RB choice

    3rd vote for Bell!
  10. Need some help!

    Jones Martin Tynes Good luck, and please see my post re: Eli or Kitna today!
  11. I'm starting Kev Jones today over McGahee & Cadillac, but in your position - I'd take Chester vs. SF! Godd luck, and make sure to take a look at my post: Eli vs. Kitna today. Thanks
  12. Kitna or Eli

    Ok - that's 1 for Kitna, 1 for Eli: anyone else?
  13. WDIS QB: wk 9

    Huard for sure! Good luck
  14. Maroney or Dillon ?

    Ouch . . . tough one, but I'm going to have to say Maroney. He's better catching the ball out of teh backfield than Dillo, and I think the Pats will throw a lot tonight. Good luck, please see my post re: Kitna vs Eli!