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  1. Gambling Ref in the NBA

    I'm not an NBA fan to begin with, and I'm still getting that sinking feeling that the worst is yet to come. If Donaghy rats out any other refs or players, it's basically nuclear winter for the NBA, and it will drop close to the bottom of the U.S. sports totem pole, beneath hot dog eating, roach racing, the World Series of Tiddlywinks, and maybe even (gasp!) the NHL. (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!)
  2. Keeper League Commissioners

    I commish two leagues, and in both of them we just use MyFantasyLeague's Drop Players feature to cut our rosters down. There's no set order, and no positional requirements or restrictions on who you keep or drop. The only rule is that cuts have to be in before the deadline (typically one week before the draft), or else yours truly makes the needed cuts at his discretion.
  3. Football in New Orleans is Over For Good

    I saw Ted Koppel's report too. However as of midnight Central time, none of the major news or sports outlets have yet made any mention of the Superdome being condemned on their Web sites. If it's true it's probably curtains for the Saints in New Orleans, but before Koppel's report I'd not heard anything about the Superdome being damaged severely enough to be unsalvageable. The place was built to last, and except for the roof damage it appeared to have done just that.
  4. hurricane katrina...

    On ESPN they've been saying LSU's stadium in Baton Rouge and the Alamodome in San Antonio are the two most likely temporary homes for the Saints. However with their home opener against Eli Manning and the Giants, I'm guessing there may be some support for holding at least that game at Ole Miss (Manning's alma mater). And finally, I can't help but wonder if Katrina may not end up pushing the Saints out of New Orleans for good. Even long before the hurricane the Saints have been considered one of the most likely teams to eventually end up in Los Angeles, and the NFL by all accounts remains hell-bent on re-establishing a presence in L.A. ASAP. The cynic in me strongly suspects that Katrina will turn out to be just the excuse the Saints and the NFL are looking for to move from hurricane territory to, well, earthquake territory. (As if the team itself wasn't a disaster to begin with...)
  5. Green Bay Packers

    Are the Packers worse than the Bears? No. At least the Packers still have a proven QB and the best group of WRs in the league. But will they be a real Super Bowl contender? Hell, no. O-line problems or no, defense still wins championships and the Packers have no defense to speak of. Yes, they won the division without one last year, and given the sorry state of the NFC North they may yet win it again this year. Been there, done that. Without a strong defense they'll just get spanked at Lambeau Field in the first playoff game again, just like they did against the Vikings this past January (a debacle I got to witness firsthand at Lambeau). I don't blame them for drafting Aaron Rodgers, as all the upper-echelon defensive players were already taken when the Packers' pick came up. I also don't blame them for ditching the declining Darren Sharper. But the Packers also passed on Ty Law, Samari Rolle and a host of other free-agent veterans who could have bolstered their defense. That tells me loud and clear that the Packers organization doesn't share Brett Favre's sense of urgency to get to another Super Bowl before he retires. In a word, shameful.
  6. Los Angeles Saints?

    Well, as long as it's not "Los Angeles Saints of Anaheim" (if Anaheim is in fact where they end up).... UPDATE: myhousekey mentioned Baton Rouge as a possibility. Well, now it looks like the Saints have their eye there too, at least for this season.
  7. Los Angeles Saints?

    Well, yes. The same factors working against the Saints ever going back to New Orleans are also working against the Sugar Bowl (which also is played in the Superdome) and the Hornets (whose arena is right next door). It's going to take years, if ever, for the city to recover to the point where it can support any major sports again, not just the Saints. If you thought I meant all three would be going to L.A., no, that's not what I meant. St. Louis is probably the most likely destination for the Hornets, but where the Sugar Bowl will end up (or whether it will still be called the Sugar Bowl after the move) is anyone's guess.
  8. Los Angeles Saints?

    I've already commented on this possibility at some length in this thread. To put it succinctly, I don't believe the Saints will play in New Orleans again, not just this season, but ever. (Neither, for that matter, will the NBA's Hornets, or the Sugar Bowl.) Given Paul Tagliabue's obsession with putting another team in L.A., that seems at least as likely a future permanent home for the Saints as any other city. And now for the first time since Katrina, there are rumblings to this effect in the mainstream media.
  9. hurricane katrina...

    Well, I don't know about what they'll do with what's left of the city, but here's a pretty thourough - and grim - prognosis for the city of New Orleans in the coming years, which underscores many of the points I and others have made here. It looks like it will be many, many years, if ever, before the city is in any shape to support major-league sports again. The Saints are still weighing their options for where to play this season, and surprise, surprise - the L.A. Coliseum is now one of the candidates being considered. Indeed, ESPN's Mark Kriedler seems to think playing in L.A. is a swell idea. Kriedler makes clear that he's only talking about this season, but he's not fooling anyone except maybe himself. UPDATE: Now the Saints are denying that they're considering L.A. as a temporary home for this season. Of course that doesn't rule out an eventual permanent move there in another year or two...
  10. Post your NFL predictions here

    Division winners (and wild card teams) AFC East: Patriots (Jets) AFC North: Ravens AFC South: Colts AFC West: Broncos (Raiders) NFC East: Eagles NFC North: Vikings (Lions) NFC South: Falcons (Panthers) NFC West: Rams Conference Championships AFC: Colts over Patriots NFC: Eagles over Rams Super Bowl XL Colts over Eagles
  11. hurricane katrina...

    Actually I didn't forget this point, it was just one of too many factors to count that work against the viability of the Saints remaining in New Orleans long-term in the wake of Katrina. I completely agree with this. The only good reason to try to rebuild New Orleans at its present location is the city's historical significance and cultural heritage, but even the vast majority of that is pretty much toast now. Better to build a "Newer Orleans" on higher ground farther up the river, where at least they won't get swamped when the next hurricane comes through. Still another point is that if the city's sports teams do leave for good, they will hardly be alone. I'd imagine that many of the people and businesses who have had to evacuate New Orleans will ultimately just relocate permanently somewhere else, and I wouldn't blame any of them a d@mn bit for doing so. Indeed, just a few minutes ago on MSNBC someone predicted that many if not most of the Superdome refugees now being evacuated to Houston will end up just staying in Houston. The same goes for the Saints and Hornets. Obviously Houston isn't a long-term option for either of those teams, but San Antonio is for the Saints. And of course there's Los Angeles too. The minute the Saints start talking about permanent relocation, you can count on Tags doing everything in his power to steer them toward L.A.
  12. hurricane katrina...

    Well, this is a football forum, and the Saints have to play somewhere. Deserving a team has nothing to do with it. (Otherwise, half the teams in the National Hockey League wouldn't exist.) At least as far as Tags is concerned, it's all about getting more money in the next set of TV contracts. That's why he's so obsessed with putting another team in L.A. - it's the second-largest TV market in the country.
  13. hurricane katrina...

    Um... Tulane plays at the Superdome too. They used to have their own stadium (in fact it hosted a few Super Bowls before the dome was built) but not anymore. Given the scope of the devastation, in the end the Saints (and for that matter the Hornets) may not have much of a choice, backlash or no. The local infrastructure, the local economy and hundreds of thousands of homes in the area will have to be rebuilt almost from scratch. That will take years, if not decades, and that's under the Katrina-sized assumption that the area doesn't get nailed by another hurricane in the interim. Expecting New Orleans to be able to continue to support NFL and NBA teams on top of all that is probably too much to ask, even if it is a priority to New Orleanders under the circumstances (another Katrina-sized assumption). My gut feeling is that the longer the Saints are physically unable to play, practice or conduct other team business in the New Orleans area, especially if it extends beyond this season, the more likely they are to start looking for a permanent home somewhere else, especially with L.A. still without a team.
  14. TSN ranks the NFL stadiums

    Well, actually it's a fall sport. And in any event, without a roof on the place, Atlanta would probably have had zero chance of hosting a Super Bowl. Their winters may be mild, but it sure as hell ain't Florida. Hockey, now that's a winter sport. (Never mind that the Stanley Cup Finals are played in June.)
  15. TSN ranks the NFL stadiums

    There have been rumblings that Arrowhead's days may be numbered. It seems that the "other" Kansas City (the one that's actually in Kansas) is looking to lure the Chiefs across the state line. The Coliseum was patterned after Raymond James Stadium in Tampa (minus the pirate ship). And they said cookie-cutter stadiums were a thing of the past... It has also proven to be a solid shelter for New Orleanders(?) stuck in town during Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately the rest of the city was devastated, and that doesn't bode well for the Saints staying in town, especially not with the NFL still determined to put a team in Los Angeles. That team could well turn out to be the Saints by default. The stadium was built as much for college football (it replaces the old Gator Bowl stadium, and still hosts the annual Gator Bowl game as well as Florida-Georgia) as for the NFL. The large capacity also presumably was a factor in its being selected to host last year's Super Bowl. The RCA Dome's design was patterned after the Metrodome, which opened two years earlier. I wonder what will become of the place once the "House that Peyton Built" is finished. Fortunately the Metrodome's days may be numbered, as both the Twins and Vikings are looking to build separate outdoor stadiums. The Vikings' stadium would be in the northern Twin Cities exurbs. Georgia doesn't get real winter weather very often, but by no means is it unheard of. Remember the ice storm that hit Atlanta the week before Super Bowl XXXIV? (Pompei obviously doesn't.) It coated the whole town in a layer of glazed ice. IIRC it was still pretty darned cold there on game day. That wouldn't have been any fun for the Rams or Titans to practice or play in, much less for the spectators.
  16. At least Randy Moss waited until the last two seconds of the game to bail out on his team - unlike an unidentified (and presumably now unemployed) Belgian soccer goalie who blew the whole game off, resulting in her team's blowout of epic proportions.
  17. CFL

    Don't forget the 1 point for the kicking team on touchbacks - a rule I've always thought the NFL should consider adopting, at least for kickoffs and punts.
  18. Moss admits he uses marijuana ``every blue moon''

    "Once in a blue moon"?!? What is it with Randy Moss and moons? The Raiders may find it hard to get rolling with a stoned Moss...
  19. Chiefs Out of Control

    Are the Chiefs becoming the NFL equivalent of the Portland "Jail Blazers", or are they just trying to one-up their hated rivals, the bad-to-the-bone Oakland Raiders (especially now that Randy Moss has admitted to still being a pot smoker)?
  20. Playoff Predictions..... Let's Hear Them

    NFC: Twin triple sweeps in the NFC wild card round, as the Rams and Packers each get their third and final wins of the year against the Seasicks and Queens, respectively. (And I may get to go to the Packers game!!!) The Pack then go down to Atlanta to face the Michael Vick Experience; the Packers-Falcons winner is my pick to go to the Super Bowl. The Eekles' offense once again sucks without TO in the lineup, and even if they get past the Rams (a monumental if) they won't be able to count on another 4th-and-26 miracle to bail them out against the only NFC team to enter the postseason firing on all cylinders. Pick: Packers. AFC: It's finally LT's postseason debut in San Diego and I expect a big game from him and the Chargers on Saturday. On Sunday, reality bites the Broncos squarely in the @$$ once again as the Colts score another playoff-opening romp - and then finally get their revenge against the Patriots, finally packing Charlie Weis off to South Bend for good. But the big question in the AFC will be how Big Ben will handle his first taste of NFL playoff pressure, which will be like nothing he's ever faced before. If he holds his impressive rookie form, there may be no stopping him or the Steelers. Pick: Steelers. Super Bowl XXXIX: Two of the NFL's most storied franchises, a QB matchup between a rookie phenom and a living (albeit aging) legend, and playmakers all around on both sides of the ball - who could ask for anything more in a Super Bowl? My Packers will give Pittsburgh hell, and keep the game in doubt well into the 4th quarter, but I think Pittsburgh's always-stout defense will handle Brett Favre and company better than the aggressive-but-average Packer defense will handle Ben Roethlisberger and crew. Pick: Steelers. MVP: Will come from the Steelers' D.
  21. steelers vs jags

    Another foot or so to the left and it would have been good. Scobee... dobee... d'oh!
  22. Who is Baltimore's best?

    Who is Baltimore's greatest athlete of all time? Michael Phelps (eight swimming medals at the '04 Athens Olympics including six gold) Ray Lewis (heart of the Ravens' defense; Super Bowl XXXV MVP) Cal Ripken Jr. (Major League Baseball's ironman, and perhaps its most complete player ever) Johnny Unitas (greatest QB of the pre-Super Bowl era) Secretariat (a horse, and not really a Baltimorean, but did win the Preakness in '73 in Baltimore on the way to the Triple Crown)
  23. Who is Baltimore's best?

    I voted for Cal after I created this poll. Not only will his consecutive-games record probably never be broken, but he kept up a phenomenal level of play while setting that record. Of course, now I suppose we'll have to add Deion Sanders into the mix too.
  24. Anybody eyeing the World Cup of Hockey

    The USA looked alright against Canada but came out really flat vs. Russia. IIRC this is the first time since the Miracle on Ice that the Soviets/Russians have beaten the USA in hockey on American ice. And the USA won't even have much of a home ice advantage tomorrow night against Slovakia in St. Paul, because you can bet the locals will be cheering for Slovakia's Marian Gaborik (who plays for the Wild).
  25. Why 6 gymnasts?

    More countries competing this time around, perhaps? If there are more teams allowed in, it makes sense that they would allow fewer gymnasts per team so they don't have to expand the competition schedule.