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  1. WCOFF role call....

    LOL - now you know why I am an accountant - not a writer.....love to have you sign my copy of the book you wrote (Committed...)...I loved that book, even bought a couple copies for buddies of mine. I will be the one on a Dallas Cowboy blue scooter wearing a Staubach jersey....you won't be able to miss me....I'll try not to run you over on my scooter...soo many pedestrians though....so little time. KO'd
  2. WCOFF role call....

    I will be there...love to get you to sign a copy of your book to Saint. KO'd
  3. Watching Football (rant)

    One word for future purchases - Costco. I bought my 1st plasma (42'' Akai) there about 3 years ago. It died 2 years later. I went to their (Costco's) website to see what their return policy was for plasmas...it looked like I could return it. I didn't want to haul it all the way to my closest Costco until I confirmed the return policy. I called and spoke a to live body and they confirmed it for me. I loaded up my broken plasma and got a full refund which I used to buy a newer much better 42'' Pioneer plasma at Costco (for the same price I paid 2 years earlier for a much worse brand) and it is still working. Buy those kinds of things at Costco - they take stuff back no questions asked and you can upgrade or buy the same one for free!! CC has the suckiest customer service IMO. They could give a crap after you walk out the door and their return policy is weak a$sed. KO'd
  4. DeAngelo Williams or Mahoney

    First of all it's Maroney not Mahoney. I would favor Maroney over Williams as NE should be waaaaay ahead of Detroit and that should mean NE will run a lot to burn the clock. KO'd
  5. Sunday Night Erotica?

    Thank you! I was beginning to think I was alone in hearing those comments.
  6. Sunday Night Erotica?

    Whew, thanks - I am about as far away from a perv as you can get...glad someone else heard it too. KO'd
  7. Sunday Night Erotica?

    Michaels again...on a Nash tackle "he was dragged down by the rear."
  8. Sunday Night Erotica?

    Anyone else notice that Al Michaels has now twice used very sexual comments in the game- both in the 1st quarter? First time was when SD was driving inside the Denver 20 and he said something to the effect of how proficient SD has been inside the 20 this year..I cannot remember the exact verbage, but it was close to "SD is 9 of their last 11 on their thrusts inside the red zone" - the second comment was at the end of the 1st quarter when he said "and that is the climax of the 1st quarter"...are rating soo bad that they must stoop to using not soo hidden sexual enuendo? Or maybe he lost a bet or is attempting to win a bet by throwing in clever sexual terms?? Not that there is anything wrong with that (to quote Seinfeld). KO'd
  9. Blockbuster trade

    I love SA but there is no way I'd do that trade either - stick put or at least make it a one player for one player offer - but Holt is far more valuable than a banged up SA. KO'd
  10. NBC Player of the Day

    Right you are about LT - how is he not nominated either? Do they vote for teams West of the Mississippi or is that some sort of forbidden taboo? KO'd
  11. NBC Player of the Day

    What a joke NBC's Player of The Day is...how is Javon Walker not a candidate? All he did was score 1 TD rushing and 2 receiving = totaling 206 of offense - are you kidding me?? Cleary he is not worthy of Player of The Day!? KO'd
  12. Trade

    Talk about spin. Seems pretty obvious to me after reading all of this that Popeye is on the up and up. He puts in times when trade was offered, accepted and finally protested - does TheOhioState dispute those times? No....why? Because his team is now in trouble when his brothers team got better. TheOhioState is being a sour grape eating bozo. Pissed because this habitual idiot makes trade offers left and right and finally someone took one of his offers seriously and oh crap - it now makes someone else's team better than mine! As a commish you should be above that kind of pettiness man. Trade should stand period...the only one who really benefited was TheOhioState as his brother reveresed the trade which is exactly what TheOhioState wanted in the first place...and don't tell me any bull crap about the bozo going to work after he made the offer or he was tired when he made the offer...he should have had time to see he messed up his offer and sent out an email saying he messed up by including Portis....if he was too tired to uncheck a freaking box, then so be it - maybe he shouldn't have been screwing around with an offer to begin with...thank God that owner deosn't work in a nuclear missle launch facility. Trade should stand and TheOhioState should be ashamed that he even started this thread - weak as$ spin job TheOhioState...why not post a thread of your true thoughts: TheOhioState - "Hi. I am a commish in a league. My brother just accepted a deal from an idiot and I as commish processed the trade, but it makes my brothers team too strong. I need to shame him into reversing the trade - can anyone help me think up some BS reasons that would allow me to overturn this deal? Desperate for help - plus, mom always liked my brother best. The only way I can get back at him is to try and dominate him in fantasy football....please help me........sniffle, sniffle." Grow a pair TheOhioState. KO'd
  13. impact of Tiki news on Brandon Jacobs this year?

    Did you hear his press conference today....he said he is definitely going to retire. No wiggle room in his statements at all. Only one "moving on" will be Tiki. KO'd
  14. I am leaning toward Tiki and McCallister...but I get ppr too which might make KJ a decent option? 1 pt per rec 1 pt for every 10 yards rush/rec 6 pts per TD Thanks for the opinions gang. KO'd
  15. LT disappointment

    True enough. LT is my centerpiece as he is for anyone who drafted him in the 1st round. The rest of my starters should be able to pull out victories for me...they have not. My week #1 starters Warner, LT, K. Jones, TJ Hous, Holt and Scobee - I lost by 2 with a solid lineup..bad luck as I routinely seem to bring out the high score in my opponents week in and week out. I am frustrated to be sure and perhaps unfairly lashing out at what I preceive to be my saviour (LT). In ff the only money position you tend to be able to count on is RB and the most money of them has been LT until this season so far anyway....maybe things will change..I really hope so. Just frustrates me to heck when all my other starters are playing a 60 minute game and LT plays 40....that last 20 minutes can turn losses into vics quick. KO'd