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  1. Heap News?

    Have him in 2 leagues. Haven't seen any news on him since Friday.
  2. Playoff Leagues

    Anyone know of a good playoff league website that's free? Our league is going to try to do a fantasy playoff league this year. We're probably going to draft really deep (so that Kevin Faulk's occasional carries really matter) and all drafted players will count (i.e. no bench and no waiver pickups) and winner take all after the superbowl. Anybody have any recommendations or insights? Thanks.
  3. Hot women for the superbowl!

    I was hoping to see an Anna Benson link on this post and this is what I find? I suggest you gentlemen have a look at the Page 2 article on ESPN regarding this not-shy wife of Kris Benson and pretend this post started with a link to that.
  4. QB question

    Hasselbeck is Questionable this week. You should definitely pickup Kerry Collins. He's on fire and faces KC next week.
  5. For everyone who is in your SB.....

    I'm in the middle of a 2 week superbowl. I have a 5 pt lead plus Corey Dillon tonight. Me vs. Him Volek (Vick) vs. Manning Alexander/Dillon vs. LT/McGahee (probably Bell as a sub this week) Horn/Clayton vs. Wayne/Bennett (or Bruce) Heap vs. Gates TB vs. Indy Longwell vs. Wilkins I posted last week and the Huddler consensus was I was a 25pt underdog for the 2 week challenge, but so far so good, thanks to Volek and bad game by Manning.
  6. Collins at KC or Volek home vs. Denver?

    Would you also start Volek over Vick vs. NO?
  7. Tough Decisions

    Good team. You must be salivating at the possibility of Jamal Lewis going against Indy. If he plays, 150 yds and 2tds. I also think you should start D Jax. He's been consistent lately.
  8. Gonna respond to 5 posts (pay my dues)

    Thanks guys. I'm actually in a 2 week superbowl, so this week and next week count. Next week, Vick is facing NO, so I'll be starting him then. It's going to take a little Volek this week and a little Vick next week and a hell of a lot of luck to beat the other guy (who has Manning).
  9. Tough Decisions

    Got to go Taylor and Putzier. GB cannot stop the run, plus it will be cold and windy so all about the ground game. Goings is not a bad option, even against ATL, so I'm curious to see who your "sure" starter is. Fauria is not going to score TDs 2 weeks in a row. Mark it down.
  10. WDIS

    Hasselbeck. It's now or never for Seattle and I think they have the passing game back in order. Really concerned about the passing game in Ohio this week (see multitude of other posts on the subject)
  11. got trouble with my recivers

    Watch the news carefully -- Mason is tough and I bet he plays. I go Smith and Mason, then Ward, and then Bruce. Did you watch any of the game last week? Chandler is SO weak, even against ARZ.
  12. Griese, no brainer. Can't believe he's available. NO can't stop anybody. I predict a high scoring game in Tampa.
  13. QB Help

    I think you're crazy to give up on Brooks. They're going to be behind all game and throwing. 250 and 2TDs and 2 INTs is a lock. If you must choose one of the others, I'd take Ramsey against SF.
  14. Problem at Running back!

    I'd stick with McCallister. You never know what Shanahan is going to do, including playing Bell and I've heard maybe even Hearst.
  15. The title says it all. Gonna go respond to at least 5 of your posts and then come back here and bump this thread. I'm going to start Volek vs. Oakland over Vick vs. Carolina and Carr vs. Chicago Our scoring system: 1 pt every 20 yards passing, 1 pt ever 10 yards rushing, 6 pts per TD (thrown or scored). I think I'm right, but this decision is so critical and for big $$$, and I just know that if I bench Vick he's going off.