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  1. Got good credit and want to make some money?

    I did this last year with my Dad. When I tried to refinance my home to get a better rate, I was told that I didn't have enough 'revolving' credit. Although I had plenty of credit, they were mostly 'installment'-type credit lines, like home loans, car loans, etc. Nothing where the balance fluctuates with usage (I paid for most everything with cash and really didn't like the idea of carrying credit cards). So I went to my Dad and he added me to several of his credit cards, and immediately I was given the benefit of his excellent payment history on his revolving accounts. HOWEVER... I have since sold that home and am now trying to purchase another. Although I have excellent payment history on all of my accounts, I am being hit with this little nugget..."due to your amount of monthly debt, you are falling below our debt ratio requirements." Unbelievable! The same revolving credit history that I needed to get approved for my prior refinance is now costing me the chance to get a new loan on a different house. Its very difficult to explain to a loan officer that several of these accounts belong to my Dad and I am not responsible for the payments and I only added this info to my credit report to secure a better loan. In essence, I feel like I am asking for a loan while admitting some sort of mortgage fraud. So be careful what you ask for. The long term effects of that decision may come back to haunt you.
  2. Openings in BoTH 32 HomARRRRRR's league

    I'd like the Broncos, if they're still available. Been a member of the Huddle for a while now. Avid browser/reader, occasional poster. Full fledged member of the fantasy football fanatics club. Participated in 8 leagues last year (won 4!!! - best year ever!!). Definitely a huge Bronco fan!! Elway was my idol! Read the rules listed and this looks really cool. Let me know. Thanks.
  3. worst first-round picks ever

    Andre Bruce should definitely be mentioned. He was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons as the 1st pick in the entire draft (late 80's I think). Incredibly overhyped out of Auburn. Played about 3 years in Atlanta, then they shipped him out to Oakland. Also, another lil' bit of trivia that I heard on a local radio station recently... In Atlanta's 2nd year in the league ('67?), NOT ONE OF THEIR 16 DRAFT PICKS MADE THE TEAM THAT YEAR!!! 0 FER 16!!! They were basically still an expansion team, and yet they couldn't draft a single player in 16 rounds good enough to make the roster. WOW!!! Now that's what I call a bad draft.
  4. champ or playing for championship...

    3 championships this weekend... #1 - standard PPR scoring Palmer SJax McGahee Wayne Colston Glenn Heap Elam Bills #2 - Standard with WR/TE option (TE stats worth double) and bonuses for length of TD Pennington SJax CTaylor Heap Shockey LJSmith Kaeding Bills #3 - standard scoring with WR/TE option Hass SJax Betts CJohnson Branch Muhammad or Mason Lindell Indy Obviously, I targeted SJax this year in all eight of my drafts (only missed him in one) and he's paid huge dividends. Got some kinda payout in 7 outta 8 leagues. Woohoo!!
  5. WR help for 2 Superbowls

    I'd go with Hackett and Coles as well. Looks pretty solid to me. Please reply to mine. Thanks.
  6. Sorry. Standard scoring PLUS bonuses for length of TDs. Still think Pennington?? Miami's pass D is pretty strong.
  7. In the championship game this week, and going against LT, I need all the help I can get. Big $$$$ on the line. I've got Rivers, McNair, and Pennington on my roster currently, but I really don't like any of their matchups. McNair (injury/defense questions) against Steelers, Pennington (defense questions) against Miami, and Rivers (LT/defense questions) against Seattle. Jeez!! Rattay, Derek Anderson and Tavaris Jackson are available on the WW. I really like what Rattay showed last week, and of these three, I believe he may put up better numbers (playing against Cleveland). But I hate taking a chance on a free agent for one game unless it looks like a slam dunk. Any thoughts???
  8. Just made this deal - will I regret it?

    Wow. You guys certainly feel a lot worse about it than I do. I didn't get hosed or taken to the cleaners. It was my offer. And I've had it in mind for a week or so, so it wasn't an impulse thing. It was an easier trade for the other guy once Hass went down. A few points to consider..(I probably should've mentioned this in my 1st post)... I've only started Brady twice as I also have Kitna and Rivers. Even if Hass is a total flop, I think I'm ok. I traded for Portis early when he was hurt, played him a couple of his better games, and judging by his schedule, I would only be starting him again possibly 3 more times. In each of those weeks, Bell has a much better opponent. Also, another loss or 2 and Washington will call it a year and probably start the youngster Campbell at QB. When that happens, every defense will put 8 in the box to stop Portis. Along with SJax and CTaylor, I also have Rhodes, Benson, and Mike Bell. So even if Tatum goes down, I can survive with Mike Bell as a 3rd RB. Given that we only start 2 RBs, my 3rd RB is just for matchups. This was just some of my thought process in making the deal. Maybe it bites me in the a## in the end, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Just traded Brady and Portis for Hasselbeck and Tatum Bell. I didn't know anything about Bell having a 'toe injury'. Now I'm a little worried. My other RBs are SJax and CTaylor so I'm ok if there's a problem. But I liked Tatum's schedule versus Portis' schedule for the rest of the year. And really liked my options to play matchups with SJax, CTaylor, and TBell. Brady's been all over the place with his stats and I thought Hass would come back really strong after his 3-week hiatus and look to put Seattle in front of the pack in the playoff race. Especially if SAlexander is running at full strength by then. Just looking for some other thoughts on this. Thanks in advance for the replies.
  10. So, who started Mike Furrey this week?

    Picked him up at 12:54 EST and started him. Saved my rearend big time.
  11. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

  12. How many fantasy leagues are you in?

    7 (+/-) for me. Plus MVP Challenge. 1 Dynasty (BOTH - Huddler's Glory - 12 teams) 1 Keeper (Baker's Dozen Keeper League - 12 teams) 1 Auction (Louisville FF League - 16 teams) 4 Redraft (World FF League - 16 teams) (BOTH - Better Luck Next Year - 16 teams) (Madness FF League - 12 teams) (SMFFL - 12 teams) Oh, and the wife is now the current back-to-back champion of the DFFL (12 teams). I left 2 years ago after back-to-back championship seasons myself. She's exceptionally gifted at fantasy football.
  13. Auction/Serpentine draft hybrid

    driveby, I'm an active participant in a 16-team (1 flex player) league with an auction/serpentine draft. We've used the same format for almost 11 years and never had a problem. Works great. I think its the most strategic draft that I'm involved in (I play in 7 total leagues). If you think the combo draft/auction makes it tough, try it with 15 other owners! Yet its still the most fun I have. We do it almost exactly as you mentioned. The commish sends out a list of approx the top 100 players (usually the top 15 or so QBs, top 30 or so Rbs, top 40 or so WRs, top 10 or so TEs). Also included is 16 'open' spots (one for each league team). The list usually goes out 2 weeks prior to the draft. It helps a lot. We then do a drawing for draft order and set that in stone. Then the auction starts. $100 cap. Team #1 'nominates' a player and the bidding starts. Then pick #2 nominates a player, etcetcetc. A team can nominate any player from the list. We proceed through all of the available players until the list is complete. Then, any team that has any remaining cap funds left can nominate any player that was not on the list. The other owners with funds available can bid on that player or hold onto their $$ until its their turn to make an "open" nomination. But only one per owner is allowed. If there are 5 teams left with cap funds after the list of players has been used up, then only 5 'open' nominations will occur. Almost always there are owners with cap funds that are 'lost'. This is also part of the strategy. Ex: I had $5 left last year and nominated a decent sleeper player. Another owner got him for $6. Only one other owner had funds available ($4) and he knew that no matter what player he nominated, I could outbid him for that player. So instead of 'helping' my roster, he simply waived his nomination and forfeited his funds, also causing me to forfeit mine. In hindsight, I could've just nominated a mediocre player and the $6 owner would've probably waited for the $4 owner to make his nomination. Then the seprentine draft starts. Once a player has reached 18 roster spots, then he is done for the draft. The serpentine draft continues until all rosters have 18 players. I would suggest any active fantasy owner to try to get in on this format at least once in their lives. It's an absolute blast. And like I said, its the most difficult, strategy-wise, of any draft I do, year in and year out. I've tried several different theories and some worked out and others were not so good. I've seen a guy go after Peyton and LT with all of his funds. He ended up grabbing the rest of his players in the serpentine draft and was basically sucking from day 1 of the season since he could only get quality points from 2 players every week. Last year, the guy that won the title still had his $100 cap room with only 30 players left. Then he outbid everyone and loaded up on 9-10 tier-2 players. When the auction was done, he already had a nice starting lineup, along with depth at RB and WR. He went 11-1 regular season and crushed me in the title game. You can bet that there will be several other owners trying that strategy this year which means some players nominated early in the auction will be had at 'under value'. I'm already looking forward to it this year. Good luck with your league and, if you have any questions about any of the above or any other items from our league, just shoot me a pm or email. I'd be glad to help.
  14. Your worst self inflicted injury?

    About 14 years old, I was playing war with a group of buddies from my neighborhood in a field of 5 foot tall grass/brush. Couldn't see the opposition so I stood up on a 6-ft chain link fence to get a better view of their position. I was holding a tree branch with one hand just to steady myself when one of the other team runs up to the fence about 10 feet down the line from me and shakes the hell out of it. Needless to say, I did a split and the scream that erupted from me could've stopped traffic. The worst was yet to come as I couldn't get off the top of the fence becuse the y-shaped barb had went about 4 inches up into my left groin. The Y was almost like a fish hook, not letting me pick myself up off of it without severe pain. Blood was draining out of my leg and all the way down the fence like a faucet. My best friends ran 2 blocks to get my dad, who had to come running over with my uncle to basically yank me off it. Took me straight to the hospital where I stayed for 3 days with this huge hole in my leg. Turns out I just missed some kinda artery that would've made me bleed out before help could've arrived. To top it off, due to the trauma being so close in proximity, my ballsack swelled up like a grapefruit. Had to have it drained twice in 12 hour span for fear of infection. Couldn't walk normally for close to a month. Still have the crazy-looking scar to prove it. But it used to make a great conversation piece with the ladies.
  15. What is your Commute TIME

    I'm 100% with you there, Big John. I live in Conyers and work in Alpharetta. Been taking that beating for 6 months now. No way to get there other than I20 to I285 to GA400. Average about 2 hours...worst day 3:30 (turned around and went home) day 1:15. Needless to say, we're looking for a house a little closer to work.