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  1. where was that call last year when that homo speared mcnabb in weak 1?
  2. FOX Sports prove themselves to be botards

    so this guy can afford permanent season tickets and to finance his own bobblehead, but he can't afford a new car?
  3. Is it just me or is Daunte lobbing the ball out there? No velocity whatsoever
  4. Bret Favre: turd?

    I wouldn't draft Brett Favre with your d***
  5. Madden 2007

    anyone know the difference between the 'normal' and 'hall of fame' editions?
  6. Cowboys first look.

    how about TO wearing a biking t-shirt and helmet during practice today? Needs constant attention
  7. got arrested tonight.

    I thought that DWI put you in the drunk tank overnight? That's what happened to me anyway.
  8. LJ Smith.... The Eagles site says that he practiced Friday and Saturday, and will start. He is still listed as Q though
  9. I don't see him anywhere on this roster and. . .
  10. Didn't Douglaus get cut before the season started? I thought I heard this story during training camp.
  11. Larry Allen benching 700 lbs is crazy. . .
  12. Cory Simon-restricted free agent

    The Eagles had a deal worked out to send him to the Ravens for a couple of picks, but they couldn't work out a contract with him either. He must be looking for a huge payday.
  13. TO Reaggravated Groin

    I think that the injury is a way for the Eagles to let him skip events such as the carnival today, without it looking like they gave in. Let the fans remember his performance the other night and not screw up this PR session at the carnival.
  14. I'm SOOOOO annoyed right now !

    " I now have much more confidence in Portis (i know it's only the preseason, blah, blah, blah)." I didn't read that Portis had gained 20 lbs (intentionally) in the offseason, he looked ver good.