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  1. Can I drop Sermon now?

    Definitely hodl. Isnt Sermon just dealing with a concussion? Hard to keep up with all the 9ers rb injuries.
  2. Early season WW targets for WR

    Rashod Bateman if you can afford to wait a couple weeks before he gets off IR.
  3. Pick up Hardman, drop....

    Id leave hardman on the wire
  4. Rashod Bateman?

    I wish i could put him in an IR spot but i have Michael Thomas clogging up that spot for at least half the season.
  5. Early season WW targets for WR

    KJ Osborn. First thought is to dismiss him because he's the 3rd wr on his team behind Jefferson and Thielen but you cant ignore his targets, receptions and yardage. Worth a spot to see if he can keep it up.
  6. Rashod Bateman?

    Anybody jumping on the Bateman train? In my case, would you drop Devante Parker for him? Pretty much my end of bench stash.
  7. Trade JRob for CEH?

    JRob it is. I feel like JRobs production can only get better if Jax offense at least becomes respectable. CEH on the other hand already struggles to produce on one of the best offenses in the league. I dont see KC changing their identity and becoming a run focused offense. Thanks guys.
  8. Trade?

    Id take the AJ option but either one is a great deal for you.
  9. Trade JRob for CEH?

    I would trade JRob and Mattison (other guy has Cook) for Clyde Edwards Helaire. 2 underperforming rbs. I think JRob is the better rb but KC is obviously a much better offense than jax. Which rb would you rather have?
  10. Who Wins the Trade?

    Im not a fan of trading the best player in the deal but i think this makes you better.
  11. Pollard. Not sure of henderson's injury status. If it's long term, Michel is probably the play.
  12. Trade away Tony Pollard for CEH?

    Agreed, he hasnt gotten a ton of volume in the first 2 games but when KC gets a big lead going into the 4th quarter (which should happen more than most teams going forward) CEH should see 20+ touches.
  13. Trade away Tony Pollard for CEH?

    Pollard looks great but i think you1 have to go w CEH and his volume on a great offense.
  14. Looking to trade for Devante Adams

    That's a strong offer. Who will replace sanders for your team?
  15. WDIS Drake or JRob?

    With Jacobs out, should i start Drake @ pitt or JRob vs Denver?