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  1. Id drop Davis.
  2. Josh Allen or Carson Wentz

    I like Wentz vs Dallas
  3. Matt Ryan Question

    Id go Ryan. And the weather is looking better than forecasted in Charlotte.
  4. Trade for J. Taylor

    Good deal for you
  5. Michael Thomas trade offer on the table

    Thanks. Accepted it.
  6. Id rather have Gibson than Gordon.
  7. Michael Thomas trade offer on the table

    Yeah, Ryan is there to fill in this week for Watson's bye.
  8. I send Godwin ( broken finger), Herbert, Higgins for Mike Thomas, Watson and Matt Ryan My roster: Qb herbert Wrs Metcalf, Godwin keenan allen, higgins Callaway Start 1 qb, 3 wrs Standard Should i accept?
  9. Package a trade for a top-tier QB?

    Gibson should be able to get you a good qb if a team has 2 good qbs and needs a rb
  10. Need to pick up an RB

    Scott is actually a good start vs dallas as long as Sanders is still out
  11. Then its a definite no. Id ride Golladay and JJ at wr and start Hunt, elliott and jacobs.
  12. No. If you were hurting at wr, id say yes but Golladay, JJ and Moore are very good. And kupp is a great 4th wr. What are your starting requirements?