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  1. Jones @ carolina Or Jackson @ Houston Standard
  2. Hasty, Hill, Jefferson, Ty Johnson, Penny?

    Sorry for this terrible advice
  3. Who is Jonathan Taylor's handcuff?

    All decent rb handcuffs are rostered. Its so bad im looking at 3rd string rbs. I think Indy might be the only team in our league with only one rb rostered. Even david johnson and burkhead are rostered.
  4. FF ethics question

    I have no problem with it as long as theres a strategy involved. If it was losing just to help another team, i would consider that an issue
  5. Hines, Mack and Deon Jackson are all available. not sure who would get the most work in Taylor's absence. Standard league
  6. Another kicker wdis

    I like it. Thats who im rolling with
  7. Hasty, Hill, Jefferson, Ty Johnson, Penny?

    Jefferson. Usually i would avoid a big underdog's run game but surprisingly Detroit has had pretty good success running and rbs catching the ball.
  8. Van Jefferson or crowder

  9. Which 2 do I play? Help!

    Wilson and Foreman. Maybe Amon Ra over Foreman but i feel good about Wilson
  10. DST best ROS hold- GB NO Denv TN ?

    NO has pretty good home matchups in week 16 and 17 (miami and carolina). Just need to find a better week 15 matchup
  11. Kicker ?

    Prater for ROS. All dome games
  12. RB headache

    Id go w the 2 titans rbs
  13. Burkhead or Breida?

    Burkhead vs Indy. David Johnson is out Or Breida vs NE Standard