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  1. Its gotta be a RECORD!

    I KNOW! Wrong forum, but the UK/Clem game just had 6 straight turnovers....but as I was typing this, UK faked a punt, got the first down and then threw a 70yd bomb on the first play to score.......
  2. I don't think I'm wrong, but I appreciate the honesty....I hope they lost you because losing the fan is the only way to stop the slide. Problem is, it probably already is an avalanche, we just don't know it yet. I remember 4 games a week shown and I can go back to it. IF they go all NFL net and make it basically pay per view (predictions of this have existed for a number of years now), I'll be gone. F-'em.....it may be sacralige to saw, but I CAN do without it. I'm a teacher w/a second business and a family. While football is a passionate past time for me, I can do without it. ......Don't want to, but can.
  3. Teams Playing Against LJ This Week

    I'm have LJ and my opponent has LT.....yea, I was hoping for more.
  4. I feel the need to clarify something for you......... Do you own a cel phone? Do you have cable or satellite? Do you have internet? (a rhetorical question of course...) Do you pay one of the annual fee required of many protection programs for your computer, the fee that gets the update you need to max protect? Point: The NFL is following the NEW business model, what I like to call the internet model. Why not charge something monthly to keep milking the dough consistently? Think about the answers to the above questions (which may be answered w/a question)...... Cel? Why do you think the companies offer you FREE phones???? Because they AREN'T FREE! After they have you down w/the two year contract they have the phone paid for plus profitt. I'm old enough to remember what it was like to live when there were no cels and MANY times I have easily figured Icould get rid of it and not miss a beat! Cable/Satellite? Why do you think they offer the "first 6 months FREE"? Need you have the explained to you too?? Same for the internet, same for the "protection programs". This IS the new model Sparky, and we have been falling for it hook-line & sinker for about 15-20 years already. The NFL figures that and once the shock wears off, the public will pony up again. I have the Network because I have a Cuban wife who HAS to have her hispanic channels from directv. The channel comes with that including the games. If they jack it up, I'll be gone.
  5. My thinking exactly DD. I never take any prediction as written in cement, and any who do are fools whose money SHOULD be taken. I would like to think that any fantasy player should be able to extrapolate the differences between season projections as opposed to weekly. Once the season starts, the variables are not static; they are fluid. Weekly projection has to take that into account.
  6. Brady

    2-0 Brady sucks....motivation or not.
  7. Your Second Team

    da Bears
  8. Brady

    I already ran one thread on Brady. Many were starting him, many weren't. Right now I've got Young starting because the match up v. Jax @Jax is a tough one and the Pats have at time looked bad on offense. Conversely, Players have come out w/chips on their shoulders, playing the "disrespect" card. I just don't see it happening here. I think you have to have better surrounding players to come up to that level and Brady doesn't have it in his wrs. Scouting says that he can exploit the LBs because they don't cover well in Jax. Still, this is championship weekend and I'm not trusting that. I have played Young in the last three weeks, and in fact played him for Brady's Rex-est performance v. Mia, but the Bills could be a tough match up in their own right. So, are Brady owners buying the disrespect card and banking on Brady coming through?
  9. What's next, Lipstick and Mini Skirts?

    No Ak, I don't think you get it. People who are at peace with themselves tend not to have to neither act out, nor "decorate". Its just a fact. People have the ability to keep ONE aspect of life straight while other parts are questionable. I find kids who feel the need to decorate are really avoiding another part of their life that sucks. I happen to think , as most people do the older they get (you will too), that the pop culture kids don't get the most important lesson in life.....character is the only thing that counts.....it isn't how you DRESS or ACT......its about what you DO in life thats the most important. The more life "progresses", i.e. complicates, the more people get away from focusing their lives on what is more important. Your actions, and only your actions, are what you will be judged by.
  10. I don't have anything solid, just a theory........... You don't go behind the boss's back and give an interview totally contradicting the philosophy of The Head Man.....if the head man likes to be secretive w/injuries , then don't go behind the Man's back giving up the truth and expect The Man NOT to retaliate . This is Maroney's punishment for going public w/bad ribs when B.Bel had no intention of letting out the nature of the injury, nor when Maroney would be back. B-Bel has shown a propensity to cold shoulder anyone not on the same page with him.
  11. What's next, Lipstick and Mini Skirts?

    I gotta admit, I feel much the same way as Cowboy, but not as strongly. I'm a teacher and had this debate with some students 2 days ago......regarding tongue and belly button piercings. If I were to interview a kid for a job with a tongue "adornment", that kid would REALLY have to impress me to get hired and would also have to agree not to wear it on the J-O-B. I don't get it, why would someone go through the pain just to take a chance of getting a bacterial infection, that could in fact not only kill (look up MRSA in case you doubt me) or lose the tongue??? Go ahead Pop Culture Kid, play russian roulette w/your life/health! Thank God my oldest (17) doesn't have a desire, NOR the lack of confidence in himself, to feel the need to go that route.
  12. Tom Brady

    Karabell is not the fantasy god, but he did just warn everyone away from Brady on Mike and Mike.
  13. Hey Chester Taylor ...

    I WISH I had have benched him for R.Brown now. Almost did. Brown is a risk too coming off of injury.
  14. Anyone else betting on....

    I stayed with Taylor.....hope it isn't wrong, championship week...
  15. Anyone else betting on....

    Not standing water.....they resodded the middle third of the field. Two different colors.