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  1. lynch or peterson

    If it's for the long term I would go with AD - Once he takes some hits and we see how his shoulder holds up, then we will know for sure
  2. Dynasty League

    You can actually put anyone on Taxi up to 4 players (No Def & No Kickers), but to activate them from Taxi you either have to have someone go on IR during the season or pay $50.00 to activate them at anytime. Also if they are on Taxi another owner can raid your taxi squad: Hostile Taxi Squad Raid: Another owner can go after a player on another owner's taxi squad during weeks 3 thru 8 * This can only happen once per season to any one owner being raided * The owner being raided will have the option to activate the player in question and pay the normal $50.00 activation fee and deactivate another player on their roster to keep roster at the 21 limit * The raider will be assessed a $25.00 fee to the league if the raided owner decides to activate his own player. * If the raided owner decides to let the raider take his player - The raider will pay a $25.00 fee to the raided owner plus at minimum a 2nd round draft pick in the following year's draft - If the player involved was a 1st round draft pick in the current year's draft then the compensation will be a 1st round draft pick in next year's draft. The raider will also have to pay the normal $50.00 fee to the league to activate the player involved. * The raider must have the proper compensenatory draft pick to make this transaction work. * In any case the player involved must be activated by either owner involved. * The raided owner will have 48 hrs to decided what he wants to do - He can also trade the player on the TS to another owner, but the normal fees will be assessed.
  3. Dynasty League

    I will need to cut my roster down 9/1/07 21 on the active roster 4 on Taxi Squad 2 on IR (only if they are on the NFL IR) Weekly lineup (1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1def/sp and 1k) Performance league scoring with PPR California Gamblers - Brad Fiene Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Beck, John MIA QB - 9 4.02 - Taxi Garcia, Jeff TBB QB - 10 FA Harrington, Joey ATL QB - 8 FA (if Vick isn't in jail or suspended for the year I would cut him) Schaub, Matt HOU QB - 10 FA Vick, Michael ATL QB - 8 FA Booker, Lorenzo MIA RB - 9 2.02 Bush, Reggie NOS RB - 4 FA Lewis, Jamal CLE RB - 7 FA Perry, Chris CIN RB - 5 FA Pittman, Antonio NOS RB - 4 3.02 - Taxi Snelling, Jason ATL RB - 8 7.02 Taylor, Chester MIN RB - 5 FA Thomas, Anthony BUF RB - 6 FA Williams, Ricky FA RB - - FA Wright, Jason CLE RB - 7 FA Bryant, Antonio FA WR - - FA Clayton, Mark BAL WR - 8 FA Jackson, Darrell SFO WR - 6 FA Johnson, Calvin DET WR - 6 1.02 Jones, Brandon TEN WR - 4 FA Jurevicius, Joe CLE WR - 7 FA Marshall, Brandon DEN WR - 6 FA Northcutt, Dennis JAC WR - 4 FA Perry, Tab CIN WR - 5 FA Walter, Kevin HOU WR - 10 FA Gonzalez, Tony KCC TE - 8 FA Watson, Ben NEP TE - 10 FA Nugent, Mike NYJ PK - 10 FA Colts, Indianapolis IND Def - 6 6.02 Panthers, Carolina CAR Def - 7 FA
  4. Keeper sleeper?

    Sorry - I am bald and drive a convertable sports car - JK - Actually I have bad vision and I like to see things really big Are you a chick? Because only chicks ususally ask why I am using large fonts
  5. Keeper sleeper?

    Atl RB - Jason Snelling - He is a big back that Petrino is used to in his system at Louisville. Can you say "Sleeper"!
  6. A Question For You Long Time Huddlers

    Is The Huddle going to do weekly rankings during the season this year? I subscribe to both the Huddle and FBG - I have to say that FBG puts out a lot more weekly info especially during the season. I had to think twice about renewing yesterday and I have been a huddler since the beginning.
  7. 2007 Offensive Rookie of the Year

    CALVIN JOHNSON! No doubt - Stud and ready to rock!
  8. the NFFL?

    That is the name of my league
  9. Jamal Lewis' Backup?

    I know this doesn't mean a lot to most of you and I feel embrassed for even asking, but who is JLewis' real backup in Cleveland?
  10. Williams says he's 'clean', ready to come back

    Yes, He did quit/retire in 2005, but how about Michael Jordan retiring/quitting then coming back, then retiring again. We all do things that sometimes aren't at the best time and Ricky is as guilty as anyone of us. What would have been different if Ricky would have got injured instead of retiring for the Dolphins? Teams need to be prepared to deal with all different situations these days - The Dolphins were not prepared with a capable backup like most teams are today.
  11. Williams says he's 'clean', ready to come back

    It's funny, but has anyone heard a statement from the NFL about this so-called blown drug test?
  12. Williams says he's 'clean', ready to come back

    Ditto - I have always liked Ricky - After watching the interview on the NFL Network even more so - I don't believe he toked again - I wish him well - No one should compare Ricky to Pacman, Michael Vick or anyone of the other thug athletes that are basically just two bit criminals.
  13. Williams says he's 'clean', ready to come back By Greg A. Bedard Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Saturday, May 12, 2007 UPDATED: 4:29 p.m. May 12, 2007 With reports swirling that he tested positive for Josh Gordon in April, Dolphins running back Ricky Williams said late Friday night that he is "clean" and is preparing for a "triumphant return to the NFL." In a statement released to the Associated Press through his agent, Leigh Steinberg, Williams did not admit to failing the drug test nor did he deny it. Williams implied the decision to delay his possible reinstatement from a one-year suspension to at least September was as a result of his consultation with a league-appointed psychiatrist, not a flunked drug test. "Due to the recent reports about me failing a drug test, I feel it is appropriate for me to issue this statement," Williams said. "Last month, following a psychological evaluation requested by the NFL, we — the psychiatrist and I — came to the realization that there were a few things I needed to iron out about myself in order to make my return to the NFL as successful as possible. "I am an honest, God-fearing man who is intensely dedicated to being the best person I can be on and off the football field. There is no need to smear my name or to defame my character for the sake of news. When the time is right, God willing, I will be back on the field scoring touchdowns for whatever team is fortunate enough to believe in me." Williams went on to thank his backers. "I appreciate all the support I have received from my fans," Williams added in his statement, "and I assure all others that I am strong, clean, and happily preparing myself for a triumphant return to the NFL." Former Dolphins defensive end Kevin Carter said today that Williams' latest violation of the substance abuse policy won't affect how Carter views Williams. "I think it's very unfortunate for him," said Carter, who joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after two seasons in Miami. "What a testimony it would have been to his strength of character to have all the pitfalls and hurdles that he had to come over and then finally have a chance to comeback into the NFL. But for him to test positive, I think it's very unfortunate. "I love Ricky as a person. I think he's a great guy. I don't think the fact that he has an issue with substance abuse makes him a bad person at all. But obviously there are rules set forth by the NFL that are there for a reason. I really feel bad for him."
  14. Jason Snelling - Dynasty Sleeper

    Go look at the average size of Coach Petrino's running backs that he lets carrier the ball at Louisville - Norwood and Dunn don't fit the mold
  15. Jason Snelling - Dynasty Sleeper

    Check out this draft that is currently going on - 1.01 Peterson, Adrian MIN RB 11:48:22 p.m. 1.02 Gridiron Grumblings Lynch, Marshawn BUF RB 2:28:27 p.m. 1.03 Johnson, Calvin DET WR 2:28:27 p.m. 1.04 Jackson, Brandon GBP RB 2:28:27 p.m. 1.05 Footballguys_Smith Bowe, Dwayne KCC WR 7:19:08 p.m. 1.06 Ginn Jr., Ted MIA WR 9:01:04 p.m. 1.07 Quinn, Brady CLE QB 9:16:42 p.m. 1.08 Meachem, Robert NOS WR 10:10:59 p.m. 1.09 Russell, JaMarcus OAK QB 10:36:22 p.m. 1.10 Bush, Michael OAK RB 10:37:39 p.m. 1.11 Henry, Chris TEN RB 11:53:03 p.m. 1.12 Wolfe, Garrett CHI RB 12:13:18 p.m. 2.01 Jarrett, Dwayne CAR WR 1:25:56 p.m. 2.02 Gridiron Grumblings Booker, Lorenzo MIA RB 9:03:16 p.m. 2.03 Rice, Sidney MIN WR 9:03:16 p.m. 2.04 Gonzalez, Anthony IND WR 9:03:16 p.m. 2.05 Footballguys_Smith Leonard, Brian STL RB 9:03:16 p.m. 2.06 Davis, Craig SDC WR 12:24:31 p.m. 2.07 Hunt, Tony PHI RB 12:48:58 p.m. 2.08 Irons, Kenny CIN RB 12:48:58 p.m. 2.09 Smith, Steve NYG WR 1:24:42 p.m. 2.10 Hackett, D.J. SEA WR 1:24:42 p.m. 2.11 Olsen, Greg CHI TE 1:33:48 p.m. 2.12 Snelling, Jason ATL RB 1:40:24 p.m. 3.01 Morris, Sammy NEP RB 1:42:43 p.m