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  1. I am being offered S. Alexander and M. Harrison for Frank Gore (or B. Westbrook) and M. Colston I currently start: QB (1): Either Brady/Hasselback RB (2): L. Johnson/B. Westbrook/F. Gore/M. Jones WR (2): R. Williams/A. Boldin/M. Colston/L. Coles TE/DEF/K are irrelevant for this trade proposal. What do you think?
  2. WDIS

    i'd stick with eli.
  3. I have hasselback as my starting QB and Huard as his backup. I am looking to get Tom Brady for 1 of my wide receivers (l. coles, r. williams, a. johnson, a. boldin, m. colston) would you do brady for andre johnson? roy williams? or m. colston? he isn't interested in coles or boldin. i have to start 1 RB (larry johnson), 1 flex (b. westbrook), and 2 WR thanks for your help!!
  4. WDIS? Eli or Hasselbeck?

    i'd go with eli.
  5. PICK 3 - Gore, Boldin, Roy Williams, Andre Johnson, L. Cole
  6. Williams is playing Chicago... Johnson could be playing catch up all day against Indy.
  7. My gut is saying go with Westbrook....but he has a knee injury and is playing the Giants. Gore looked good last week and is playing St. Louis.