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  1. CCS

  2. WDIS at RB

    I'd go with Deuce and A. Smith. I think TB will ride the hot hand and have Griese throw a lot, minimizing Pittman's numbers.
  3. WDIS - QB

    Vick, because of his rushing yards
  4. WDIS at WR/TE

  5. Bennett, Gates, or Tony G.

    I'd go with Bennett and Gonzo. Supposed to be some bad weather in Cleveland tomorrow, which may hurt SD's passing game. I know Brees went to school at Purdue, but it's easy to get used to 70 degrees in Dec in San Diego!! Bennett is too hot to sit, and Volek loves him. Never bench Gonzo.
  6. Wdis JJ or A smith

    I voted for Julius. Philly can be run on, and JJ is Dallas's best offensive threat. I think they'll run him til he can't run anymore.
  7. WDIS: Droughns or Johnson

    I'd also go with Ruben, based on defenses, however, do you know if T. Bell will see the field at all? If Shanny is looking to get him some playing time, that could cut into Ruben's numbers.
  8. Need flex HELP!

    Based on your scoring system, I think Alge has a better chance to get in the end zone, and get you that 7 pts. I don't think either will catch for 100 yds, bu tI can definitaley see Crumpler scoring.
  9. WDIS at WR

    If you need 1 guy from that group, Lelie's your man. The game means nothing for KC (except to get LJ some game experience). Lelie should be in for a good game. I also like Boldin as the no.2 from that group. Mainly because Housh has Buffalo, and Galloway has become the no.2 in TB. Boldin's the no.1 Good luck
  10. Goings or Green!

    Tough call... I'd go with Ahman for 1 reason: He's your stud. If you lose with Ahman, oh well, you went down with your best. If you lose with Goings, with Ahman on the bench, and Ahman has a good game, you'll be kicking yourself all offseason. Both matchups are decent. I think Ahman's due for a good game, with the bad weather forecasted. Just a hunch. I know this doesn't help much, and time is running out, but it's JMHO. Good luck!
  11. Giants have no stamina ...

    The Giants may suck this year, but don't knock their fans. We're a group that holds true to our team, no matter how many times they break our hearts!!
  12. Staley Downgraded

    Ouch!! I need Staley, due to Blaylock/C. Taylor being my other options at RB2. I'll actually be at the game Saturday, so I hope Duce can play and get me Something!
  13. WDIS-2positions

    6pts/td 1pt/10 yds rush/rec QB Leftwich or Griese (choose 1) WR Driver, Bruce, D-Jax (choose 2) Thanks everyone!!
  14. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 13

    Got 2 for you: 6pts/td 1pt/10 yds rush/rec Need 2 wrs; I have D-Jax, Driver, Bruce. Need 1 qb; I have Griese, Leftwich. Have any ideas?? I'm gonna post these as well, but would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!!
  15. How about my QBs?