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  1. Jason Witten?

    If Vinnie plays, Witten's worth keeping. Hensen is still clueless, so he would hurt Witten's chances of doing well. I think I heard Vinnie is starting next week (sorry, don't have a source or a link), so I'm going to hold onto him and cross my fingers. There's not too much out there at this point anyway, as far as free agents.
  2. F. Taylor for Joe Horn?

    I'd make the trade. For the next few weeks, Julius will get you just as many points as Freddy, plus Horn is a huge upgrade at WR. Although as was said earlier, your RBs will be a little thin. I would take that chance though as most league's playoffs start soon. Bottom line=you have a better chance of winning the championship with Horn than by keeping taylor and going with you current WRs. Jones is fresh, and I'm sure Parcells wants to see what he's got for next year. He'll get his carries, and probably outscore Taylor for the rest of the year.
  3. Priest Holmes?

    Please come back Priest!! Blaylock and LJ splitting carries doesn't help any Priest owners.
  4. Thank YOu Huddle

    I agree--kudos to the Huddle!! Hey Big John, that fantasy baseball page looked great. I've been playing fantasy basesall for 3 years, won in 2 of them. Definately interested in joining a league or 2.
  5. TE required leagues... I used to really hate them.

    Good thing you didn't get stuck with the "sleeper" Boo Williams!! I think he's still asleep.
  6. Jamal Lewis

    How badly do you need a RB? If he would be your 4th string RB, then there's no way I would drop McNair for him, especially now that McNair is playing again. If you have a stronger starting QB and need a RB badly, then maybe I would do what you proposed. I'd have to see your roster to make a call.
  7. Priest Holmes?

    Add to that the fact that Blaylock and Johnson split carries, and it becomes more worrisome. This Priest owner is becoming concerned. By the way, anyone know why they did split carries? Was Blaylock banged up a little, or is Vermeil just trying to mess with the fantasy crowd?
  8. Early Jump at WDIS @ QB

    I'd play the matchup w/Bulger at home vs. one of the worst pass defenses in football. "At home" is the key. Also, no weather to worry about in St. Louis.
  9. Waiver Pickup Advise - Puh-lease Help

    Gotta get Julius if you can.
  10. J. Wells TD?

    As an owner playing against DD, the good thing is seeing Wells get into the endzone!!
  11. LJ in for Blaylock?

    Larry Johnson should not even be seeing the field. Without his "couple of series," Blaylock would have had an even better day. More yards and maybe 3 TDs. Dammit!!!
  12. Clinton Portis

    Gibbs is CHOOSING to play Betts over Portis??? What an idiot! Gibbs needs to go back to the racetrack, because football has passed him by. I'm still a believer in Portis (no, I don't own him in any of my leagues), so I would think there's got to be a way to get Portis involved more in the gameplan to make him effective.
  13. My opponent has Manning and Stokley.....

    Haven't had the same experience as you (need Bruce and Driver to come up big Mon night), but you're one lucky SOB!!!
  14. Ode to Harrington

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  15. Outsiders.....

    I'm from PA, but follow the Giants. I see Pittsburgh losing probably in the AFC championship. I just can't see a team with a rookie QB winning the Super Bowl in this day and age, with advanced defenses, crazy blitzing. Plus, the AFC is loaded with great teams. They would have a much better chance getting out of the NFC.
  16. Denver Homers.How bad is it?

    I need Elam to kick about 5 FGs. Therefore, I'm also concerned about the weather. Hope there's no wind.
  17. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 11!

    Congradulations on the teams left!! I was out in week 3, but look forward to making it farther next year. 11 weeks is a long way to go. Nice job, everyone!
  18. Hines Ward to the bench?

    2 things have killed Ward this season: 1. the fact that Pittsburgh is successful with the run, and they run it as much as they do. Coming from a non-fantasy football standpoint, it's a wise move, and the steelers are lucky they have the RBs and the O-Line to pull it off. 2. Roths has played well in the sense that he has led long sustained drives and not turned the ball over too much. Fantasy-wise, he sucks. As a rookie QB, for Bill Cowher, he's a great QB. Ward has probably been hurt by these things the most on the team. He has gone from a top 10 WR to an inconsistent roster-killer. Makes you wonder where he'll go in the draft next year...
  19. WDIS @ RB to go w/ Droughns

    Deuce, no doubt
  20. WDIS

    I would have to disagree and go with Bruce against a weak D on Mon night. I think he could be in for a big night. Plus, I think Moss takes away a lot from Burleson. A lot more than most people hink.
  21. Would you start..........

    IMO, it's a no-brainer: Start Deuce. Brown would have to be playing Sister Mary's School for the Blind, AND be healthy for me to start him over Deuce.
  22. Chad Johnson or Michael Clayton

    start C. Johnson
  23. Blaylock, Magahee, or Minor?

    McGahee and Blaylock. Good luck. (I hope you do well, because I also have to start Blaylock!!)
  24. C Brown or F Taylor

    I agree. Freddy may not score again, but he should rack up the yards. Brown's just too iffy with the injury. Play it safe with Taylor. Even if C. Brown was healthy, I'd still choose Taylor against Minn.
  25. Rudi or C.Brown

    If you have to pick now, stay safe and choose Rudi. Brown has a decent matcup, but Rudi's no slouch either. If both were healthy, I'd pick Brown.