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  1. WDIS @ WR

    Easy choice--Holt
  2. I just put Moss back in my lineup.

    If your trade deadline isn't over, maybe you should trade a WR for a RB. C. Brown and Dom Davis won't win you too many playoff games.
  3. No More Manning Bashing Posts!

    IMO, we are seeing one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game. He is in his prime, and he is only getting better. Whether or not you like him, or how many times he passes in a game, everyone needs to admit his greatness and move on (I'm a Giants fan and could care less about the colts or manning). Looking at this thread, it reminds me of Barry Bonds, in that a lot of you seemed to be complaining about Manning, just as many complain about Bonds. I hate Bonds's personality and his public perception. However, when I see him play in person, I give him a standing ovation every time, out of respect for his talents. Going back to Manning, he seems to be playing as if he's playing a video game that he has mastered. It almost seems too easy for him to play anymore. He needs the "advanced version." I think we all need to appreciate what we see from him every week and understand he will be one of the the 5 QBs of all-time when his career is through.
  4. Need all your expert advise...

    Already have McCallister as RB 1, need the most possible points out of RB2. (6 pts/td 1 pt/10 yds rush & receiving) I'm torn between Blaylock and Staley. Blaylock at home against SD-tough run defense. Blaylock didn't have a great performance against tough NE def last week. (decent yds, no tds). Staley at home against Wash. Staley's 1st game back, is there rust??? Bus will steal TDs, but Wash LBs (Arrington, Barrow) are hurting, which may allow Duce some room to run. Bottom line, I don't know what to do. I need advise! Must-win game; playoff implications!
  5. Need all your expert advise...

  6. Burleson or Clayton

    I seem to be in the minority on this one, but I feel Burleson will disappear when Moss returns. I'd start Clayton if I had to pick between the 2. Please see my post too!
  7. Dinkins?

    Nobody has Dinkins in any of the 6 leagues I'm in. My question is this... with Antonio Gates on your roster, why are you even asking this question???
  8. PLAYOFFS ON THE LINE - Brady or Leftwich?

    Go with Lefty against Minnesota's pathetic Def. I'm starting him as well. Good luck
  9. Opinions wanted

    I'd look at Taylor out of those you mentioned, although none of Balt's receivers excite anybody these days. Please check out my post. Thanks
  10. Two tough Ds- Which QB

    Gotta go with Brady and his experience over Eli and his lack of. YOu're right though, tough call . Please check out my post. Thanks
  11. wdis yes a kicker decision

    I'd go with Feely in the dome, against NO, as well. Please check out my post. Thanks
  12. trade for playoff run

    Although, why do you have 4 defenses???
  13. trade for playoff run

    Congradulations! That gives you a he11 of a team heading into the playoffs. Hope it's a big $$$ league.
  14. Looking forward to next year

    Do it. You can still start Tiki and DD, while having a better keeper option in Suggs. Besides, Freddy can't find the endzone this year--no reason to hold onto him. Please see my post. Thanks
  15. WR & RB Choice

    First, I'd go with Ward and McGahee. They'll give you your best chance at victory. Second, I don't understand Grits's sigline. Can anyone explain this to me?? I've been a Huddler for 3 years, and on the boards for 2, but I still don't get it.
  16. Clayton or Muhammad

    I would ride the hot hand with Mushy. Dude's been on fire. Those are the guys you have to play until they cool off. Clayton's not a bad play either, but Mushy's locked in w/Jake recently. Please check out my post. Thanks
  17. Do I have a chance? Reply

    Assuming you're the team in green, I think you have a decent shot at winning. Most teams would be climbing an uphill battle if their opponent had Manning, but Marv counteracts that. C-Pepp should do well w/Moss back, but Droughns and Gonzo may be too much to keep down. As with most weeks, it's almost impossible to predict who will win.
  18. Moulds, Burleson, D. Bennett

    I voted Moulds, simply because he's due for a good game. Plus, I think Burleson will disappear a little if Moss is back.
  19. Griese or Carr

    I guess I'm the only vote for Griese. I just don't have a lot of confidence in Carr at this time. Griese has been consistently effective recently, and he has some of his WRs back. You could say Griese is the safer play , given your situation. Please check out my post. Thanks
  20. trade for playoff run

    I would have done the deal for Driver. Now I'd definitely do it for Chad. Make the deal before he changes his mind. Chad does only have 3 tds, but a lot more catches that Driver. Plus Chad is the clear no. 1 in Cin, and Driver is the no. 2 in GB. Make the trade
  21. WDIS

    Isaac Bruce baby! I'll be starting him too! I think he'll shine on Mon night. Please check out my post. Thanks
  22. Need all your expert advise...

    Unfortunately, there is no flex. Otherwise, I go with Bruce, Driver, D-Jax, Lelie. Having this Priest Holmes injury is hurting my playoff chances!!
  23. WDIS for # 2 WR and # 2 RB?

    I'd start Moulds and Dillon. Please check out my post. Thanks
  24. Need 2 of these 3 WRs

    D-Jax and Ward. But if Moss isn't playing, I'd go with Burleson over Ward. By the way, is it official that Hass is starting this week? I thought he was still questionable. Please check out my post. Thanks
  25. 1 RB & 2 Wr

    We'd need to know the scoring system to see if it's a TD-heavy league, but Taylor will get more touches this week. With your receivers, Johnnie Morton could do well this week as T. Green should do well. But, if Moss doesn't start, I'd probably go with Burleson. Please respond to my post. Thanks