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  1. I'd go with Bennett and Gonzo. Supposed to be some bad weather in Cleveland tomorrow, which may hurt SD's passing game. I know Brees went to school at Purdue, but it's easy to get used to 70 degrees in Dec in San Diego!!


    Bennett is too hot to sit, and Volek loves him.


    Never bench Gonzo.

  2. If you need 1 guy from that group, Lelie's your man. The game means nothing for KC (except to get LJ some game experience). Lelie should be in for a good game.


    I also like Boldin as the no.2 from that group. Mainly because Housh has Buffalo, and Galloway has become the no.2 in TB. Boldin's the no.1


    Good luck

  3. Tough call...


    I'd go with Ahman for 1 reason:


    He's your stud.

    If you lose with Ahman, oh well, you went down with your best.

    If you lose with Goings, with Ahman on the bench, and Ahman has a good game, you'll be kicking yourself all offseason.


    Both matchups are decent. I think Ahman's due for a good game, with the bad weather forecasted. Just a hunch.


    I know this doesn't help much, and time is running out, but it's JMHO.


    Good luck!

  4. Another different opinion... I'd start Wiggins, Clayton and Moss. Moss has put together a couple of games that reminded us he is still in the league. On the other hand, Roy has been weak lately, even dropping a couple of catchable passes against IND on Thanksgiving. Don't know if he hit the wall or what, but the Lions are in disarray right now, while the Jets are fighting for a wildcard. Plus, Penny might be back this week, which could help Moss even More.


    Clayton should do well at home vs. ATL, while Wiggins will still get his looks in Chicago this week, even with Moss back.

  5. 1pt/20 yds passing

    4pts/pass td


    Griese vs. Atlanta

    Leftwich vs. Pittsburgh.


    Both are at home. I'm leaning toward Griese at this point. Pittsburgh's got a great def this year, and Griese's been hot.


    Also could use advise on:

    Driver vs. Phil or

    D-Jax vs. Dallas on Mon night. (1pt/10yds rec; 6pts/rec td)


    Leaning toward D-Jax on this one.


    Any help?