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  1. Crabs 2021 Roster Moves

    1 year for Alex Collins
  2. Wanted WR/LB

    Looking to buy or upgrade WR position and LB position. If you have a player you'd move hit me up.
  3. Crabs 2021 Roster Moves

    Assign 1 year to all Damien Williams Taron Johnson Reggie Ragland Austin Johnson Harold Landry
  4. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Remove kicker position. Waste watching these guys lose games every week.
  5. Ongoing Rules Talk

    2022 discussion.... changing IR rule to match NFL rules.
  6. Crabs 2021 Roster Moves

    Cut Parris Campbell
  7. Crabs 2021 Roster Moves

    Assign Dawson Knox 5 years
  8. IR Rule

    Is this still once on IR they have to stay on IR or did we ever vote on bringing them back on the roster after said player lost the IR designation?
  9. Making things official

    Can't make it through life without happiness. I'm sure that was a tough post and I had no idea. But nothing changes your team still sucks so trade me all of your good players and cash!! All kidding aside the world needs more people that smile and are happy. Now let's trade!!
  10. Crabs 2021 Roster Moves

    Matt Gay 2 years Eric Rowe 1 year Jalen Hurts 7 years Jaylen Waddle 7 years Adam Humphries cut 1 year
  11. Crabs 2021 Roster Moves

    Elandon Roberts 2 years
  12. Crabs 2021 Final Roster

    NEW Kirk Cousins 2 Kenyan Drake 3 Devante Parker 2 Cole Beasley 2 Jamison Crowder 2 DeSean Jackson 1 Austin Hooper 3 Jason Sanders 2 Cameron Heyward 1 Kerry Hyder 2 Trey Flowers 2 Todd Hendrickson 3 Shelby Harris 2 Jon Bostic 2 Marlon Humphrey 2 Logan Ryan 3 Ashtyn Davis 2 Duron Harmon 2 DJ Reed 2 37 players 81 total years
  13. Looking to buy.....

    1 solid DE 3 solid S or CB Before you cut I'll buy them for a buck. Need to fill out the roster. Hit me up or spam offers.
  14. Crabs OTB

    I have a ton of serviceable receivers that can be used as starters or depth if you're short handed. Looking to trade for cash or picks. Parris Campbell Darius Slayton Randall Cobb DeSean Jackson James Washington
  15. Trade - Longhorns and Blue Crabs