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  1. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    LJ ain't going anywhere...and that includes training camp if KC doesn't come with the cash. Why would he? he's what?..28 now. he needs to get paid immediately. KC should at least pay him top three RB money.
  2. Michael Vick's career

    I agree. Even if his involvement is proven to be "limited", this type of publicity is definitely enough for the Falcons to end their relationship with him. I haven't seen such a rampage of discussion & disgust since the OJ hearings. The Falcons will not be able to move forward with this guy as the face of their franchise. IMO, any prison time = career over. The existing question of his competency as a NFL QB coupled with a bad image won't equate to a second chance for Mr. Vick.
  3. Vick vs Brees

    i'm not sure what everyone thinks they saw in Brees, but again, there was a reason we drafted "the other" Manning and traded him for Rivers.....and i don't recall anyone questioning our reasoning at the time. we essentially spent 1st overall on a QB to replace Brees. i know i didn't have any problem with it at the time given what i'd seen for three years. as for Vick, at the time, i was a little excited thinking that maybe an athletic QB like that was exactly what could spark an offense that didn't have much else. i never was certain about what he'd be in the end because you never know what a person is made of. (i never get tired of media guys like Jim Rome saying what a great guy some athlete is ,who he doesn't know at all, just because the guy spent ten minutes with him on the radio). well, we all know now.
  4. Vick vs Brees

    Brees obviously has won the debate. But there's a reason we drafted Rivers....because Brees wasn't looking so pretty after three years. I can't say I was his strongest supporter in that third year. I guess if we'd been a little better team at that time he'd still be in SD. I am very glad he's found a great place for himself in New Orleans though. ....and anyone looking for Tai Cody can check the roster of the CFL's Hamilton Tiger Cats. You can find many former Charger greats in the CFL such as Trevor Gaylor and Ryan Thelwell.
  5. Supplemental Draft

    I'm sure of one thing. Jamal Williams was the best supplemental pick of all-time for the Chargers.
  6. favorite football announcer

    Troy Aikman. makes a good tandem with Joe Buck too.
  7. DeAngelo Williams vs DeShaun Foster

    I believe he had knee issues in college. And two weeks with a high ankle sprain in limited action in his 1st year ain't a great think?
  8. DeAngelo Williams vs DeShaun Foster

    I'd guess that neither DW or DF will get more than 20 carries in a game this year barring injury. I had DW last year and kept waiting for him to be given the bulk of the workload. Given his size and injury history, I think he'll never be a bigtime fantasy back....but definitely could make a real contribution to the Panthers.
  9. Inspired by a thread in league forum

    Even though I live in the Great White North, I've been to at least one NFL game every year for the past 15 years or so. Gone as far west as KC to see the Chargers back in the year they made it to the drubbing in the SB vs. the 9ers, and went to the " offensive explosion" game in Cinci last year to see the Bolts. Seen them in Buffalo and NE as well. Been to NE a couple times, Cleveland, Detroit, KC, St. Louis, Carolina, Philly, NJ, ATL, Pittsburgh, Washington, Cinci, Indy, Chicago, Buffalo, Tennessee.
  10. best & worst jerseys

    I went ahead and bought a new blue Rivers jersey online. I gotta say, being I'm Canadian, that its a little CFLish. Too busy, too many colours, and the jersey doesn't even fit real well with the way the bolt goes around the arm. I say they're back to the old spamshirts within a couple years.
  11. all-time a favorite NFL players

    i loved Wes Chandler as a kid. the guy was a great acrobatic receiver. .....and who couldn't put Walter Payton on their list?
  12. Chiefs QB Issue

    I love writers that create stories based on what might be there. Could Croyle be the opening day starter? sure. Don't make it sound like Huard sees the writing on the wall or something. Where exactly does he say the competition is all but over??? Its not even camp yet. Let's wait and see.
  13. Current ADP - QBs

    "we need to see a hugh jump in Rivers' stats before we crown him Elite"? isn't this thread based on predictions? we're talking potential here....not what was. If your biggest argument "against" Rivers is that he's got too much talent around him, well i'll take my chances with that. maybe you'll be proven right. maybe they'll repeat the formula of last year and Rivers will have good but modest numbers. maybe he'll be Troy Aikman his whole career, which i'd be very happy with if it comes with the Super Bowls. i just have a difficult time limiting my expectations because he's got a stud at RB. and if things stay the same with the offense, do you expect LT to get another 30 TDs? because if he doesn't, and say he gets 23 TDs, who'll account for the other 7?
  14. Current ADP - QBs

    I tend to be less analytical when it comes to his 2006 numbers. i saw every game he played. and remember, it was his first year starting and "team" expectations were very high and so there was a lot of pressure on Rivers. Schottenheimer was very cautious with him especially early on. so to grade him based on last season's numbers alone is foolish IMO. he's now with a great offensive coach. they'll have more speed at the WR position, and Norv loves to use the TE (and we luckily have one of the best). most importantly, the Chargers now know what they have at QB and won't hesitate to turn him loose when the game plan calls for it. the proof isn't always in the numbers. you need a pattern to predict the future. one season, especially a QB's first season, does not make a pattern. it probably just tells of the great things to come.