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  1. Keeper Advice

    Why would someone give up a 1st round pick for the Bears D???? I would look hard at keeping Benson.
  2. 12-teams with no play-offs. We play all 17 weeks and best records wins I need a win to be guaranteed 2nd place and $300.00 Start 3 WR 1 point per reception and 1 point per 20 yards. Started Driver Plan on Starting Roy Williams even with playing the Bears. Need to start one more from this list Cotchery at Miami Hackett vs. Chargers (the team I’m playing has Hasselbeck) Mason at Pitt. Henry at Denver
  3. Start which running back 1/10 Rushing and Receiving yards and 6 per td. Start who? McGahee or Morris They play each other.
  4. Start 2 QB’s 1/50 yards 1/5 completions and 6 per td. Start Eli and who? Garrard at Ten. Losman vs. Miami Weinke vs. Pitt.
  5. 2nd RD Playoffs - Could use some help

    Is Watson playing?
  6. Bulger at Oakland or Vick vs. Dallas? 1/25 passing and 1/10 rushing and 6 per td.
  7. Hasselback or Romo?!

    I have the same question but with Hasselbeck or McNair? Good Luck.
  8. This is the championship game. Passing scoring is 1/20 yards and 4 per td pass. Rushing/Receiving 1/10 yards and 6 per td. With high winds expected do I bench Hasselbeck and start McNair? Also starting Gore, Rudi, Wayne, Houshmandzadeh, (one of theses Coles, Henderson, Mason) Feely, and Cowboys.
  9. 1 point per 50 yards and 6 per TD Romo vs. Saints Palmer vs. Raiders
  10. Pick the 3 that you would start. 1 point per 10 yards. Coles vs. Bills Henderson at Dallas Housh vs. Raiders Mason vs. Chiefs Wayne at Jaguars
  11. 1/10 on yards and 6 per td. Betts vs. Eagles Gore vs. Packers Rudi vs. Raiders DeAngelo vs. Giants
  12. Which one would you start? yards 1/50 and td's 6 Romo at NY Giants (? snow) McNair at Cinn Palmer vs. Balt.