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  1. ESPN reporting Joe Horn is a Falcant

    As a Saints fan, I'm sure glad that the Falcants are using up cap room
  2. Joe Horn released

    I've been around him at the baseball field with his kid, Joe is a class act on & off the football field. He will be missed in New Orleans. Good Luck, Joe just stay away from Atlanta.
  3. Steelers-Saints HOF Game

    Now I wouldn't go as far as done, I still will watch my Saints, But I will not pay to watch any other game...
  4. Steelers-Saints HOF Game

    I can see where the NFL is going with this...mark my words when the contracts expire with FOX & CBS, ABC all playoff games & the Superbowl will be on the NFL Net. Also, Monday & Sunday night football
  5. Reche Caldwell

  6. Who wins the Super Bowl?

  7. Saints/Bears

    Hey, I got to bich about something, my team just got the butts kicked. Its only human nature. Dude I know we got spanked BAD. The better team won. But its still not your same ole SAINTS, I think this team is for real and will be back....
  8. Saints/Bears

    Also, the invisiable Offensive Pass Interference early in the first Qtr. 1st of the game. I think the ref thought it was about that time to throw a flag...
  9. Saints/Bears

    Fumble, Fumble how can you say Fumble.... Its all good
  10. Saints/Bears

    Congratulations, your team played a heck of a game. Out Coached, Out Played, All around Good Game. Not to make excuses, but a small dose of Ref. help and ya'll know it. I think we opened some eyes, and we do have a great team. Good Luck in the Bowl....
  11. Michael Vick

    But in an airport.... MORAN
  12. What's wrong with playing Saturday night?

    Just saw on a news interview. Talking to two guys who made it up to Chicago for the game, the reporter noticed that he had a black eye. Asked how it happend, he said a Eagles fan snuck him while he was waiting in line for a Lucky Dog....
  13. Saints/Bears

    I'm in....
  14. What's wrong with playing Saturday night?

    The only problem with Saturday games is Vomit There was sooo much of it while exiting the dome last weekend. I almost sliped in a pile of that junk.
  15. It wouldn't be football if Chicago or Green Bay played there games in a dome or retractable roof stadium now would it. But, I think the Seahawks are kicking themselves in the A$$ for not building a retractable stadium. Also, I bet the J E T S jets jets jets will have a retractable when/if they get there own place. Its a sign of the times, because if those Northern teams ever want to host a Superbowl it must be in a controled enviroment.