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  1. I do both methods. I pick a team from one league (12 saints) and spread it out on the other side. That didn't work either
  2. LJ - go berserk!

    I am down by 4 but I have Gates and Vinatieri and all he has is the SD D
  3. Which d?

    da Bears
  4. WDIS RB

  5. QB help request

  6. WDIS? WR

    I am already starting Colston and really don't like playing two guys from the same team buts its the playoffs and you gotta win Henderson vs Was or Moss @ NO
  7. Chester Taylor

    Starting him instead of Dunn
  8. QB Help

  9. pick a wr

    I am starting Colston. I need another and its between Henderson and Moss
  10. WDIS: McNair vs. Cutler

    What he said
  11. pick a wr

    I really dislike starting two receivers from the same team but it's the playoffs and you gotta win. My other choice is Santana Moss
  12. Chester Taylor

    I just saw on the NFL network that he has been upgraded to probable. All that means is he is still 1 hit away from the bench.
  13. So what do you need MN?

    I need 17 points from Wilkins and Berrian to win