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  1. 4th Annual HuddleBowl

    count me in again! (anyone have last year's results by chance?)
  2. BCS for Dummies

    I hate OU and they'd still beat USC, all of these losses at the wrong time....if you put it backwards and have usc lost two early games to ucla and oregon do they even sniff the top 10? OU lost 2 games early on and had to make up a lot more ground, and I think they're a better team. Sarge has a point here, I mean UCLA to play in the title, and they choke? No QB and no Peterson and the end up landing the shi* bowl to stomp on boise state. I'm wonder where all those big east fans went, they probably think BS has a chance vs OU. Michigan will steamroll usc like nothing else, and that's what everyone assumes (if not, they shouldn't even be considered for the NC and Florida is/was the right choice). I think Ohio State, Florida, and Michigan would thump USC around, so there wasn't much they could do there. I get so sidetracked in these arguments, but OU was also robbed blind in Oregon. The bcs sucks, bring on the playoff!
  3. Ohio State V Florida

    anyone else feeling like last year's rose bowl..as far as lack of respect towards the underdog here? if they're 7 point dogs.......man..
  4. do these threads vanish?

    ahh love ya big john. lol not too bad though, called that USC out pretty good, they better be ready to get ran over by michigan.
  5. New Coaches and AP polls

    Well Snead is gone....colt might not be ready, and i've seen stranger things this season (cough kansas state...a&m at least has a respectable D) If you're interested in going I'm a UT student and can buy tickets
  6. Ohio State V Florida

    I think florida has a chance....with the tricks plays that meyer loves (and will have to) bring, they will stay in the game. It's always turnovers and QB play...Leak is the key to florida doing anything.
  7. do these threads vanish?

    We had a thread about someone being overrated early in the season where I predicted florida vs ohio state I believe...I'm just trying to find it.
  8. I am just trying to find it..the contest with rookie TD leader, etc etc.
  9. Worst week of Football to date

    psh the way we've been playing..and with our history vs Jokelahoma state, you might want to watch our game? I will not be surprised if it's within 10 at the half...
  10. Undefeated teams check in

    Mcnabb Brees Portis Foster Addai T. Henry Pittman Chad Johnson/Holt/Mason/Reggie Williams/Furrey/Michael Robinson Gates Gould Baltimore D/ATL D Traded stallworth and dunn for holt.... 5-0 and building a monster points lead in a 12 man league. This is the 7th year of the local, i've only been to playoffs once I won it....so hopefully I can get another!
  11. So. who beats the Bucks?

    osu could not hang with the raiders. Osu will not lose before michigan, it's the only game I think that will cause problems, and it's sad honestly because losing that one game might drop them out of the NC. Hopefully those in power don't screw them so if they lose to michigan, because by then we should know who OSU should be playing in the NC. I'm going to go with my top 5: Ohio State Michigan Texas (yes it sounds homer, but I still think they stand the 2nd best chance at taking down OSU) Florida USC ( i think they're over-rated...just watch) I predict michigan upsetting OSU, and Florida or Texas sneaking into the NC vs Michigan. Michigan wins...
  12. Texas/OU

    ahh it's like christman coming early!! wooohooooo with a spread like Texas -5, I can't help but wager on this game. I will be there like the last two years, but this is my final Texas OU as a student. I don't see any reason for us to lose this game, so it should be a fun saturday!! How many OU freshman does it take to change a lightbulb? None, it's a sophomore course. I mean the fight song only contains 2 words, correct? HOOK 'EM ...Also, pick up some creativity, jumping in with "sucks" after Texas is just lame, and turning the logo upside down, someone needs to bring OU's pride into the new century.
  13. Monday Nite Football. What do you need 2 Win?

    well I thought I was done...down 37 with mcnabb and stallworth, and now it's over thanks to those 2 rushing TD's... yeeeehaw 4-0.
  14. nurse says TO taken out of context

    There's some greedy people in here, money doesn't buy happiness. He's human just like anyone else and has problems, nobody freaks out when rock stars overdose or act like morons. Hopefully he's ok, and I think there's a press conference at 2:30 (not sure on the time).
  15. Officiating Crew in OU/Oregon game suspended

    When OU beats Texas, it won't be 2006. On the topic though, OU was robbed blind in what was probably the worst call i've seen in my life in a football game. Does it really matter? probably not because with OU losing Bomar at the beginning of the year, they will lose again...at least once. I give Stoops credit for fighting because he should, and honestly this year the pac 10 might be better. Tech is awful, nebraska is underachieving, a&m is awful, ou lost bomar and can barely stay ranked...and texas is hanging on to represent the big 12. c'mon big 12 pac 10 bowl matchups!!