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  1. haaa I set myself up for that one. Yes Kraft is a scumbag. Only difference between Kraft and Watson is we know Kraft was guilty.
  2. Why is an NFL star QB hiring massage therapists off instagram? And its common knowledge that asking for a groin area massage is the hint that you are looking for the happy ending. And if you didn't know that now you do.
  3. NFL's possible coming deals with Amazon

    Problem with streaming is you can't flip though the channels. So when we cut the cord you could have football, playoff baseball, maybe golf all on at same time. It sucks to try to watch them all at same time because you can't flip around channels. You have to find out what streaming service its on, it take a minute to boot up, whatever. We switched back to cable.
  4. OG Check-In

    I don't post much anymore but have been around since 2003. Not sure of the cut off to be in the club.
  5. Fantasy business proposition...

    I like the idea, but here are a few things I would be concerned with? 1. People drinking and using any kind of expensive equipment is not a good mix. 2. Not sure of the setup, but I would not want to bring my own laptop to a bar. 3. Since its a bar you are going to lose the 18-20 demographic. 4. There would be no women within 10 miles of this place. These are just my opinions. I think its a great idea. Good luck.