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  1. 1st round draft picks

    That's a pretty slow contract then if he's only getting 11 mil over 45 years.
  2. I love Pac Man

    Already been posted Still funny though.
  3. Prayers Needed

    My best wishes to you and your family Timmy.
  4. Future Hall Of Famers

    Kevin Mawae, though he won't go as a Titan Keith Bulluck
  5. "Deify" - Disturbed "Disciples of Babylon" - DragonForce "One of a Kind" - Breaking Point "Kickstart My Heart" - Motley Crue Just to name a few.
  6. Matching: Avatar - User

    2 letters of his username - ts
  7. Matching: Avatar - User

    Fishing sign - ABWF
  8. What's your favorite word?

  9. The perfect thread

  10. Remember This Great Feeling?

    Wow, some of you guys really go a long time. Finals week for us was almost a month ago.
  11. Starcraft 2

    I absolutely LOVED the first one (especially the brood war expansion), and cannot wait until this one comes out.
  12. Enough with all the optimism...

    I'm seeing something like 6-10 this season. They have a tough schedule, some serious holes on both sides of the ball, then throw in the Madden Curse (whether you believe it or not), and I'm not expecting much this season.
  13. Trades?

  14. NFL Draft Contest Winner

    Great job Egret.