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  1. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    That was obvious hyperbole and sarcasm based on the previous posts from a separate poster that weren't all that enlightening or thoughtful. Don't make me call you Steve Grab.
  2. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    Shaft didn't say it came down to the coin toss. He said it was a major factor. What he said and what you are saying can both be true. They aren't mutually exclusive. If a literal coin toss is that influential in determining winners of post season games, it's worth looking into and considering a change.
  3. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    They should make touchdowns different points for different teams. Life isn't fair and neither are touchdowns you whining participation trophy babies.
  4. Rams vs Buccaneers (Sunday)

    Oh Steve, you couldn't imagine how irritated I am. Think of how you feel when you hear about a NFL rumor from an unknown source and times that by a kajillion plus infinity.
  5. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    Can think of very good reasons why each team should get the ball at least once. Can't think of very many good reasons why they shouldn't. Arguments like life isn't fair and neither is OT aren't very compelling. Lol.
  6. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    That's what I didn't understand. Play a whole season with your super human QB and then play into the hands of other superhuman QB.
  7. Question

    I'm almost certain he wasn't a coward or a tattle narc. So you have little in common with him.
  8. Rams vs Buccaneers (Sunday)

    Hey Stevegrab. The road to the SB in the NFC goes through the NFC West. Don't get mad. I didn't predict a winner.
  9. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    Not once, but also at midfield.
  10. Rams vs Buccaneers (Sunday)

    That game was nuts. Why does Tom Brady always have the opposing team do the stupidest manure to keep him in postseason glory? At least this time in didn't work out.
  11. Rams vs Buccaneers (Sunday)

    That can be a huge turn of events.
  12. Rams vs Buccaneers (Sunday)

    Brady got a boo boo on his lip.
  13. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Next thing you know anti vaxxers will be drinking urine to own the brainwashed libs.
  14. Question

    Crickets. Tattle tale boy is also a coward.
  15. 49ers vs Packers (Saturday Night)

    No worries. I was also wondering if you didn't know where either game was being played today.