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  1. Bears trade up to draft Trubisky

    I heard a rumor that the Cowboys may trade Herschel Walker.
  2. Lol. He was a brand new practice player who likely would have never made it on the NFL field in the first place. He probably made more than his annual salary in one week. If he didn't have an agent before, he has one now. I think he'll be okay.
  3. Week 12 Chat

    If this is in regards to our AFL IDP league I still needed Metcalf and Travis Henry to win. We may end up with the two highest scores of the week. Tough sledding as you were on the verge of locking up a playoff spot. Before Metcalf's performance I was on the verge of 1st round bye vs. maybe not making playoffs.
  4. Seahawks vs Eagles (MNF)

    Ouch. That hail Mary and 2 point conversion hurt some folks.
  5. Seahawks vs Eagles (MNF)

    Reagor is a rookie so I wouldn't give up on him yet. Picking JJbarcia Whiteside over Metcalf was a major whoops, but one every other GM made.
  6. NFL Postpones Steelers vs. Ravens Thanksgiving Night Game

    The NFL is far more concerned about the effects of cascading scheduling issues during a pandemic than they are Lamar Jackson playing a game or not.
  7. I live in reality where work place protocols and testing are largely based upon how your given employer spends and utilizes resources on it.
  8. The NFL has the capability to test anyone in the league on a moments notice, get expedited turn around time on results, and immediately quarantine needed employees.
  9. Ekeler activated from IR

    I Big Johned Big John.
  10. Ekeler activated from IR

    Covid list? Wasn't it IR for a physical injury?
  11. Washington vs Cowboys (Thanksgiving Day)

    The highs and lows of FF. We won 3k last week in FFPC and our playoff opponent had Gibson and Logan Thomas to start off this week.
  12. Rams vs Buccaneers (MNF)

    Yea you guys got hammered with injuries. Thanks for the congrats all, we've had a really good run at high stakes over the last 10 years.
  13. Rams vs Buccaneers (MNF)

    Thanks Bier. We benched Godwin for Woods, but it still would've worked out.