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  1. Jimmy Garoppolo is staying with the 49ers in 2021

    Apparently San Francisco is open to trading Jimmy G for a first round draft pick. Chuckle.
  2. Chris Carson stays with the Seahawks

    5.5 M guaranteed for a back to back 1000 yard seasons and one of the best YPC guys in the NFL makes his agent a genuis? Think more. Post less.
  3. Less than 2 days later you say this: "The wheels are falling off. There's like 350,000 accusers already. Not looking good for you Deshaun." Jesus man. Think more and post less. Your need to chime in every other post makes for an exhausting, redundant, and then somehow contradictory; while being a completely meaningless; read.
  4. Andy Dalton to The Bears

  5. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    Rumor mill is that Seattle rejected a trade offer from Chicago: 3 firsts, a third, and two unnamed players.
  6. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    This. They haven't said anything because there haven't been any press conferences since Wilson made it a thing. They'll likely give a status quo answer in time, but no need to react and play the explain themselves through the media game. Dollars to doughnuts Seattle has had multiple private conversations with Russ. There was a report that Wilson was going to restructure his contract for cap purposes on the weekend. So good luck figuring any of this out. As far as Darnold, Carroll pretty much expresses a 'high opinion' of every NFL player. If Darnold is traded for Wilson, it's coming with a substantial value of other picks and/or players.
  7. Most stunning news since Mark Walton got arrested.
  8. Fan controlled football league!
  9. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    Man that is a lot of scratch for a soon to be 32 year old who has missed a lot of time over the last several seasons.
  10. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    Apparently Brady had more say in personnel decisions, in New England and for sure in TB, than RW. Wilson was lobbying for Antonio Brown like Brady was, for instance....
  11. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    Wilson is largely adored by the local fan base. Wilson is special enough where, if push came to shove, I think most people would rather see Pete go. His public campaign was largely out of character and a surprise, so most people were taken aback. Yes, he's as corny as hell and public image cognizant, but I don't think anyone around him has questioned his motivation to win. Pretty sure that is where this is coming from.
  12. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    There is blame to spread around IMHO. Seattle brass hasn't complete ignored O-line, trading away draft capital for LT Duane Brown and signing him to a long term deal is one example. PFF had them ranked 16th in pass blocking last year, that isn't horrible. Wilson is also always amongst league leaders in holding onto the ball after the snap. They played high flying ball beginning of last year and when teams adjusted, Wilson played like dog poo. Even when they tampered the passing down - they still passed a lot relative to the league average. Bad play schemes for sure, but Wilson isn't void of responsibility. Wilson complaining through the press is a sure sign he feels his opinion wasn't being appreciated. That's on the coaching staff for sure, but RW also threw some teammates under the bus going public. He's not being completely ignored...the new O-coordinator was apparently a collaborative hire. Last year RW wanted "stars." They traded away 2 firsts for Jamal he wants more O-line help. Well, his salary is a big reason resources are limited. He wants to be treated like Brady, I believe Brady re-structured his contract multiple times with NE. In a perfect world, this all gets straightened out.
  13. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    It would take some creative trading for Russell to go somewhere. But, the trade path gets more practicable after this year. This very well could be the beginning of the end.
  14. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    I've heard Jets reported also. Beyond NO, seems like he is interested in potentially going to markets were he can push his celebrity 'brand.'
  15. RIP Vincent Jackson

    Living in a hotel for the past month of his life. Man that doesn't sound so good.