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  1. Divisional Round games chat

    When Reid went to KC his coaching ability was universally blasted. The pass to run the clock out was clutch.
  2. Covid Thread- All things Covid and the NFL

    Can Brady get fined for pwnage on Brees?
  3. Seahawks fire oc Brian Schottenheimer

    He was being linked to potential head coaching jobs several weeks ago.
  4. Seahawks fire oc Brian Schottenheimer

    After the 2nd half offense collapse something had to change. He's an easy scapegoat but Wilson and Carroll aren't leaving anytime soon. Apparently defenses adjusted and started playing 2 deep safeties. The rumor was that short to medium WR route trees were limited and predictable so CBs could snuff those out. The whole NFL adjusted to let Russ Cook; the Hawks never made successful changes after the fact.
  5. Cowboys hiring Dan Quinn as DC

    I tend to agree. When was the last time Quinn had anything to do with a good defense? Close to 10 years now? He made a name for himself in 13 and 14 in Seattle. He led an elite defense but he had multiple studs, some future HOFrs, implementing Pete Carroll's vision. Quinn was also fortunate to have Shanahan for his first 2 seasons in Atlanta. Seems like the defense regressed during his HC tenure.
  6. Wildcard games chat

    Heh. Sehawks may have had the most disappointing finish to a 12-4 season in NFL history. Pittsburgh: Hold my beer.
  7. Wildcard games chat

    Do you need a safe space?
  8. Wildcard games chat

    Holy moly. The Browns are currently doing to the Steelers what Trump did to the Republican party!
  9. Wildcard games chat

    Seattle's OLine looked like the Capitol police.
  10. Jets

    Russell Wilson would like you to hold his beer.
  11. Jets

    I would think the best case scenario for Darnold would be a Ryan Tannehill type rebirth. Tannehill had to move to a different franchise, but maybe Darnold could do it with the current regime?
  12. Jets

    The Jets need to figure out how to build a better supporting cast around Darnold in a hurry. They've done a horrendous job at it thus far. I don't think the book is closed on Darnold, but he hasn't proven he can be consistently mediocre let alone 'very good.' If Lawrence truly is a "generational talent" he will have a long lasting effect on a franchise.
  13. Jets

    Fair enough. But 10 years ago rookie QBs didn't even necessarily start playing right away. And as mentioned earlier; it's a completely different NFL today than even 5 years ago. Teams were always trying to draft a pocket passer, that isn't the case now.
  14. Jets

    So what's the best way to do that? Defense? Seahawks, Jaguars, Broncos and 49ers all had great defenses for 2 maybe 3 seasons in the 'recent' past. But it didn't last. Jaguars and Broncos became irrelevant. 49ers were on their way to regressing defensively this year. Seattle stayed relevant because of the QB. Looking at playoff teams this year. It's essentially teams with future HOFr QBs or those teams who drafted QBs early from 17 through 19. The Jimmy Garoppolo type led teams in the playoffs are the exception. What do the teams below have in common? Best NFL teams of the 2010s Team W-L Win % Playoffs Super Bowls Titles Patriots 125-35 0.781 10 5 3 Packers 102-56-2 0.644 8 1 1 Steelers 102-57-1 0.641 6 1 0 Seahawks 100-59-1 0.628 8 2 1 Saints 100-60 0.625 6 0 0
  15. Jets

    Except reality is showing us that 6 out of 11 recent highly drafted QBs, including 2 guys drafted first overall, did lead their team to more wins. Those must be completely random anomalies that coincidentally are happening at a much higher rate now?
  16. Jets

    If you have a high draft pick you almost certainly lack talent regardless. This is a different NFL landscape for rookie QBs than even 5 years ago. The best athlete being a QB used to be a rarity. Now the style of play, rule changes, and officiating are taylor made for quick, fast, running QBs to contribute immediately. If organizations can draft and coach half decently; they are going to be relevant with a top tier QB. NO GM is going to pass on a QB they believe in to put supplemental piece together.
  17. Jets

    Very rare? Several years? Does that mean that teams who put position pieces in place improve faster and stay relevant longer? It's all a crap shoot and anyone in the top 10 can bust no matter the position. In looking at the 11 1st round QBs drafted from 2017 through 2019; I see five who you could argue are busts or as potential busts in the making: Trubisky, Darnold, Jones, Rosen, and Haskins. The remaining 6 have essentially panned out at a bare minimum: Mahomes, Watson, Jackson, Allen, Mayfield, and Murray. Weren't all the latter guys substantially instrumental leading their team into more wins as a rookie or 2nd year player? Four or five of those six QBs will be starting playoff games this year.
  18. Jets

    I don't necessarily believe that looking at historical bust rates for QBs being drafted number 1 overall is relevant today. The game has changed and dual threat QBs can immediately improve a team while trying to learn the NFL and improve on accuracy. Guys like Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen may have never made it work without their running ability. Some of these newer QBs have lower floors than the historical pocket passer guys.
  19. NFL Week 16 ( Saturday Edition)

    Yup, same year. I think we were in 2nd or 3rd in the main event going into week 16. Thought we were on the verge of a nice payday.
  20. NFL Week 16 ( Saturday Edition)

    The year our team finished first in regular season we ended up ninth overall. We were the only team in the top 20 that didn't have Todd Gurley; who went on a rampage late in the season . Always kind of works that way.
  21. Vikings vs Saints (Christmas)

    Glad I went up against him last week.
  22. Rumor: Carson Wentz wants out of Philadelphia

    You might only be a GM for a couple years going that route as that is a lot easier said than done . If you are drafting a QB at #1 overall; you probably don't have many good players to trade in the first place. And if you are going to build an O line through the draft; you are going to need some fortune. GMs have been whiffing at a high rate, for a number of years, when drafting offensive tackles and guards early. Even established vets through FA have some downfalls (i.e..salary cap concerns and coming up to speed with a new system). This article is 3 years old but still relevant I think:
  23. Could this be the end of DirectTV? I certainly only keep it for one reason .
  24. Playoff Contest

    25 sounds good to me. I dig this contest.
  25. OG Check-In