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  1. Henry in PPR was #3 last year with a career high in receptions, rushing TDs, and yards.  50ish points behind Kamara and on par with Cook, who played 2 less games.  I could see Darrynton Evans getting a lot more work this year and taking over the 3rd down roll also.

    I would value Henry different in non PPR vs 0.5 ppr vs 1 ppr.  Maybe he's still a 'safe' choice in PPR but top 5 still seems over valued..  With all the work he got last year he feels like a bit of a landmine to be honest.

  2. For FFPC, I think they're adding a week to the regular season. Every team will continue to play every other team once. However, in week 6, there's no head to head -- top 6 scores get a win, bottom 6 get a loss. League playoffs are weeks 13-14, champ round weeks 15-17.  I don't believe they've ever had bye week situations for the league championship game where 1000s are at stake as well as possible auto entry into the grand prize championship rounds.


  3. 2 hours ago, purplemonster said:

    I have to say those 1-13RBs except Chubb and Akers all look pretty prone to injuries. You can say that every year about running backs but that group looks particularly prone. 


    That's my take also.  Not sure why drafts are reverting back to hoarding RBs heavy early on.  I understand it a bit more when you only have one flex; but in two flex PPR leagues (not super flex; only 1 QB starting)  there is a ton of advanced analytic data out there that shows how going RB early, and specifically RB-RB early,  has only statistically helped teams win FF championships in 2019; when starting RBs had an anomalous defiance to injuries.   A couple other observations:

    - I probably go RB in PPR if I have the top 4 or maybe 5 top picks.  After that, I really start thinking about other positions. 

    - I targeted Kelce mid-first to late first round last year, in 1.5 ppr for TEs; now he's going that early when PPR is equal to WRs.  Kittle going so many picks later is value.

    -  Davantae Adams going early 2nd round must be because of the Aaron Rodgers scare factor. His ADP should rise. 

    - People never learn to wait on QBs.  Lamar Jackson was going before Mahomes in many drafts last year.  And now he's still going way too early for my to Josh Allen..who I had been mining later in drafts for the last 2 years.  

    - Kareem Hunt was a good PPR snag at 4.12 . He brings good value on his own and potentially monster value if Chubb gets hurt.  



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  4. 1 hour ago, LordOpie said:

    i said that they should've traded him last year. Be like NEP, trade guys before their value falls off

    Atlanta almost certainly wanted to trade him and no one wanted the cap hit.  The article states how a trade is more realistic after June 1 as the cap situation becomes less problematic.  Even then it may not be feasible.

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  5. 5 hours ago, League_Champion said:

    That's a steal for KC. I know he didn't want to be there but Baltimore got fleeced IMO. I think they could of gotten way more. 




    What is the going rate for a good tackle that isn't going to be with your team at the end of the season?  I like it from KCs POV.  Baltimore did pretty good considering and they added a first upon a ton of draft capitol.  Lamar Jackson doesn't seem like he's a type of QB who sits in the pocket and depends on someone giving him an extra second to pass on his blind side.  

  6. 12 hours ago, stevegrab said:

    I know this is a fantasy football site, and that tends to be how everyone thinks, but in this discussion specifically about "QB who were a bust with one team and went on to much improved play with another" I'm thinking that is in real football terms, not fantasy.  


    I don't think Alex Smith was a bust with SF, but was a bit better in KC. 

    Pretty much my point.  A lot of people seem convinced that Darnold is an unharvested value.  I'm pretty convinced he sucks and going to the QB academy of Carolina won't help.  The track record of sucking and going to mediocre seems to marked by one QB...Tannehill.  

  7. Non rhetorical question.  Has there been any QBs recently, outside of Tannehill, that had an established record of busting and made substantial improvement with a second organization?  Tannehill seems to be the exception.  

  8. On 3/17/2021 at 3:52 AM, League_Champion said:

    "Sexual Assault" but no Police report or charges filed? Sounds like someone's looking for a payday. It's called extortion. 


    Less than 2 days later you say this:

    "The wheels are falling off. There's like 350,000 accusers already. Not looking good for you Deshaun."

    Jesus man.  Think more and post less. Your need to chime in every other post makes for an exhausting, redundant, and then somehow contradictory; while being  a completely meaningless; read. 

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  9. 40 minutes ago, heehawks said:

    The Hawks shouldn't have to come out and say anything at all. Russ started the whole thing, he should be the one to say something. The onus is on him, not the Hawks.

    This.  They haven't said anything because there haven't been any press conferences since Wilson made it a thing.  They'll likely give a status quo answer in time, but no need to react and play the explain themselves through the media game.  Dollars to doughnuts Seattle has had multiple private conversations with Russ.


    There was a report that Wilson was going to restructure his contract for cap purposes on the weekend.  So good luck figuring any of this out.


    As far as Darnold, Carroll pretty much expresses a 'high opinion' of every NFL player.  If Darnold is traded for Wilson, it's coming with a substantial value of other picks and/or players.

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